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Home of the Mountaineers 1-26-2023

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Nurse news

Dear Parents, guardians, grandparents, and of course all who have children here at Pioneer Peak:

It has been a wet, windy, icy winter!

Please send your children with full snow gear daily and check to make sure they have it weekly. If you find something missing it will be much easier to track down if you know when it goes missing. Every time a child borrows gear, I enter a note detailing what they borrowed. You should automatically be emailed when students do not have the necessary items and need to borrow snowpants, gloves, hats, coats, and boots. If your child is coming to me multiple times a week that is too frequently.

I am only able to store 2 sets of snowpants and coats due to the size of my office. I have one set of boots in each size. I have a very limited number of gloves left. If you have children’s gloves you would like to donate that your child, no longer fits in I am happy to put those in my glove bin.

It is always a great idea to label gloves and small items. I go through the lost and found regularly and call students down when gloves are labeled. A paint marker works well if you don’t have space to write on gloves or when gloves are black. Initials can be hard as we will have multiple children with the same initials, and I do not have a way to search for children by initial.

If you have the ParentVUE app you can open it and click on “My account” on the bottom right of the screen. You then can click on the “Notify” tab at the top you are then able to see “Nurse” and make sure that circle is checked it should appear with a check mark and in dark blue. This will ensure that you are receiving notifications when your student visits the nurse. Please make sure you have a working phone number and email by using the other tabs at the top of the page. You will have to click update after each change the update button is right below the tab “Phones” on the right and is a not super noticeable. Call me at the number below if you are having difficulties. These changes can also be made via the webpage for ParentVUE at

Thank you,
Lydia Neiser

Pioneer Peak Nurse


Cinnamon Rolls

It's our favorite time of year again, Cinnamon Roll time!!! Flyers are going out now, to pre-order Cinnamon Rolls from Sweetie Pies bakery. There are 3 options to choose from- Cream Cheese, Caramel Pecan, and Plain. The cost is $14 for a 8x8 tray of 4 Rolls. These Cinnamon rolls are mouth watering and delicious! Order yours today!! Oder forms are due back by Feb 6th. They can be picked up at school on the 13th at afternoon pickup. Be on the look out for the order form, cause you don't want to miss out.


If you have any pictures of concerts or any school time fun, please email them to

You can also be ordering your yearbook online at

February lunch menu

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PE "Active"-ities

Healthy Futures: The February Calendar will go home with students later this month!! This calendar is due by the first part of March. There is a deadline to enter them in the computer and if they are not turned in on time the system locks and late students will not get their prize. Please be mindful of the calendar deadlines. If you need ideas on activities to do, go to . (This is a voluntary program as I know many families are busy after school.) Parents, you are encouraged to get healthy and active with your kids as well!!

Kids Heart Challenge: Our school is participating in this event again this year to raise money for the American Heart Association. Last year we raised over $19,000, and this year we would like to raise as much as possible! Please consider helping to raise money for the AHA. Donation envelopes will be going home with students January 24th. (Students are not required to collect donations to participate in activities). During PE for the next few weeks, we will be working on jump rope activities and discussing a healthy lifestyle. Donations will be due Friday, February 10th. The top fundraiser in each grade level will get to help SLIME Mrs Schubert in a Facebook Live event!! Students who raise $150 or more online BEFORE our official start date (January 30) will earn an extra Thank You gift from the AHA!

Dear Families - Our Kids Heart Challenge program is kicking off on January 24th . We are proud to support the American Heart Association and Be the Torch in the fight against heart disease and stroke! Students will learn how to keep their hearts happy and healthy through physical and mental wellbeing, while helping others with special hearts by raising lifesaving donations. Our goal is to have 100% of our school families join the team and learn Hands Only CPR through Finn’s Mission. Don’t wait, get started TODAY! Students who join the team early will get recognized at our kick-off!

  1. REGISTER at or download the Kids Heart Challenge App for Apple or Android
  2. TAKE THE CHALLENGE to Move More or Be Kind and earn the FREE Be the Torch Wristband when we kick-off!
  3. COMPLETE FINN’S MISSION in your HQ to learn Hands-Only CPR, how to spot a stroke F.A.S.T., and how you can help kids with special hearts!

Thank you for supporting our school and this lifesaving program!

PLEASE HELP!! There are several students in our school who struggle tying their shoes. This is one of the many important life skills students should learn. Please ask your child if they can tie their shoes, and if they struggle, here is a great video to teach them how!!! Also, double check with your student to make sure their PE shoes still fit! Shoes are becoming too small, and the Velcro is dying out!

Make sure students still have shoes at school to wear for PE! If you need help getting shoes for your student to use, please contact Mrs. Bishop.

Upcoming “Active”-ities:

· EVERY MONDAY- Happy Runs sponsored by Active Soles in Palmer. 6:00 pm~please wear reflective clothing and a head lamp!

· Kids Heart Challenge (Jump Rope for Heart) event/donation turn in date February 10.

SOCK HOP!!! Friday, January 27th will be our Sock Hop in the gym!! Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Carte have been teaching kids different dances in the gym this week and next, and will be having a dance night to show them off!! This is a FAMILY event, and all dances will be taught so anyone can join! PPE Staff will be making desserts to auction off that night to help buy new PE Equipment. PTA will have the concession stand open to sell snacks. This is a fun event, and families are welcome to dress from ANY decade!! Show us your best 80’s look, or bring it back to the Disco Era. Have a poodle skirt? Show it off or your “greaser” look! Join us from 6:30-8:00!!

Winter recess gear

We want to make sure all kids are warm when we go outside for recess, please ensure your students have ALL 5 (gloves, hat, snow pants, coats, warm boots) We go out in any weather! Our cut off for outdoor recess is -10 degrees. Our area has HIGH winds, which makes it so much colder! If you need assistance in purchasing gear, please reach out to Principal Schubert. or (907) 861-5702

We cannot call kids down after 3:30pm

We ask that if you have to pick your child up early you please do so before the 3:30 message bell. There is a lot of movement within the building after this time and we are not able to get your child to the office. Thank you for your patience with this.

Upcoming events~


26th- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • 5th grade Battle of the Books @8am
  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

27th- Yearbook @ 8am

  • Dance Night 6:30-8:00pm

31st- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • Harry Potter club @ 8am
  • 3rd and 4th grade Battle of the Books @8am
  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm


1st- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • Spelling bee practice @ 8am
  • Science Olympiad @ 3:45pm

2nd- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • 5th grade BOB @ 8am
  • Harry Potter Club @ 8am
  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

3rd- Peak pass pizza with Mrs. Schubert

6th- Cinnamon roll order forms due to the office!

7th- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • Harry Potter club @ 8am
  • 3rd and 4th grade Battle of the Books @8am
  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

8th- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • Spelling bee practice @ 8am
  • Science Olympiad @ 3:45pm

9th- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • 5th grade BOB @ 8am
  • Harry Potter Club @ 8am
  • 3rd and 4th grade Battle of the Books meet @ MatSu Central
  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm
  • PTA meeting @ 4pm

10th- Yearbook @ 8am

  • 5th grade Battle of the Books meet @ MatSu Central
  • Craft night (info to come)

13th- Cinnamon roll pick up in the gym after school during pick up time!

14th- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • Harry Potter club @ 8am
  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

15th- Migrant Ed Tutoring @8am

  • Spelling bee competition @ 10am
  • Science Olympiad @ 3:45pm

16th- Harry Potter Club @ 8am

  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

17th- Yearbook @ 8am

21st- Harry Potter club @ 8am

  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

22nd- Science Olympiad @ 3:45pm

23rd- Harry Potter @ 8am

  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

24th- Parent teacher conference day!

28th- Harry Potter club @ 8am

  • Volleyball practice @ 3:45pm

Lost and Found!

Parents and Students please check the lost and found regularly. Our tubs are now in the front area and will be emptied monthly.

Contact information

Josie Schubert, Principal

Robin Covington, Admin. Secretary

Katie Aro, Secretary