Pheonix Pop Art Exhibition

What is Pop Art?

Pop art is an art movement that began in mid 1950s England and quickly became popular just like the images it depicted. It made beauty out of things we saw around us and took for granted every day- for example one of the most famous examples of pop art is andy warhols 'campbells soup can' of which there are many versions. It simply is a picture of a tin of tomato soup, that was popular at the time.

Andy warhol is one of the most famous, if not the most famous pop artists of the time. But another great example is David Hockney, who is British.Born in 1937, throughout his life he created prints, portraits and more. The work here is one of his photo collages, called pearblossom highway.

Roy Lichtenstein was another very popular pop artist. He created large pictures of comic book style images, in a very of-its-era style. The pictures often feature speech bubbles. He once admitted he aimed not to be pretentious or even to express anything in his pictures, but simply to make something everyone could look at and enjoy. This goes with the whole pop art philosophy of wanting to make art something for everyone, not just art critics. The picture below is called "in the car"