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So, life has been a little crazy the past few weeks, and will probably be so, for a few more. The on-going house rehab is a frustrating and a comical example of the domino theory. Each "guy" ( painter, carpenter, floor, electrician, etc)) has a schedule that depends on the "other guy". Oh, the door replacement should go in before we paint. BUT, the door will not be in for 4 weeks... I could go on. It is not really comical, I only say that because I have a sense of humor about it, and without that sense of humor I may find myself doing some serious damage with a nail gun. Just say'n. In the midst of this chaos, which looks more like an episode of Hoarders, because nothing can be moved until this "guy:, and that "guy", do whatever it is that they need to do, I am preparing to leave for the summer. We are not just talking about packing a few pairs of panties and a bathing suit, we are talking about pretty much packing up my entire art studio. I will work to simplify - which to me, is like deciding which finger I want to chop off, but I will try. I will turn 60 this summer, and I see this as an opportunity to "clean house" - meaning the clutter under my cranium. New leaf, here I come! I will celebrate this birthday by spending the summer in a place that I love, selling and making art , and hopefully selling enough for a long overdue trip to Italy for my 61st!...or Paris....

I am also very excited to continue my work on building our new Home Decor Company!! "At Home" gets more fabulous & more exciting every day, and I am thrilled to have my friends and family along on the journey! Keep checking in, there is always something new and exciting!

As I pack & prepare to go up north and settle in to my summer digs, my schedule & postings may be a little random over the next two weeks. Please do continue to check my website and fan pages! You know me, I'm full of surprises!

Living in some sort of chaos, whether it is creative chaos, or everyday chaos, when I look like I combed my hair with an egg beater, should be a state in which I feel quite comfortable. In general, I do, but there are moments when I catch a glance of that one person who appears so normal & so put together. I know in my heart I will never be that person, but for a fleeting moment I do wonder what it would feel like to know that my forks, knives and spoons are in their appropriate slots, and that I could find matching socks and my keys in a snap. Here's the thing, I don't think a brain that insisted on order would serve me well and I have come to accept that I am who I am, and it is what it is. "Normal" is not in my forecast, and that's ok.

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Sagaform from Sweden!! Sale Ends Monday !

Fabulous & fun colorful designs! Mix it up just for fun!

Nothing is more striking than Black & White ! I love the possibilities with this fun design!

Your are Invited to Visit Moon Bay Studio !

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Here's a little preview of my summer activities! I am also looking forward to working with Interior Designers up in Door County, and introducing them to At Home with Ang