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Ladies - I want to continue for you to receive content and training from me to help grow, motivate and support your business! Most of the time you will hear directly from me but sometimes you will also hear from Morgan Rasmussen. She is my mentor (and bestie:) and I wanted her to share with you her 4 part series on recruiting. So look out for those emails (one each week - in your in box yesterday) and dig into those. She has some great tips and examples she will be passing on to us!

This Issue:

-2 More MakeupMondays and how to utilize them in your biz!

-Charcoal Bar Sampling

-Baby Launch and how to prepare before launch

-New Video to Share for Social Media on our Work in DC

Next week I will be in Atlanta for the Leadership Summit along with some of you amazing women! I am SO incredibly excited and can not wait to bring back more knowledge to share with you to help all of us grow! The time is still now, it is always now. No matter what you did or didn't do yesterday or last month or when you got started. This mission matters and people are responding so loud and clear to Beautycounter that they want these products and choices and education in their lives. Women are proud to be a part of Beautycounter and it shows. So shine bright ladies and let them know why you love being a part of a movement that is making its mark on consumerism and history! XOXO Kelli

2 More #MakeupMonday's - Lip and Cheek?

We have two more opportunities to maximize our sales this month with a little help from promos! I am guessing the next two will include Lip and Cheek promotions! Keep your eyes peeled!

You only have 24 hours to get the word out so send your clients an email or text, shoot them a message or post on Social Media. The more touches you have with them the better!

Here is a post I used from our Tint Skin promo and words I used to reach out to my clients!

Hey Babe! If you need a refill on Tint Skin it is a great time to do it:) Happy Monday! - I told you I would always pass on a Beautycounter special and I HAD to get this to you ASAP because I know you LOVE Beautycounter's Tint Skin! Here are the details - give me a shout if you want me to put your order through today! This is our 3rd #MakeupMonday (such a huge hit) of the month and you receive a FREE Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush ($35 value) when you purchase our Best Selling Tint Skin! This is today only so grab one to refill if you have not already!!! Wondering how to use the brush? Here is a quick “How To: Video - so easy once you see it! You definitely won’t go back to applying with your fingers after this. I used to just apply with my fingers and think it was OK but the brush gives so much better coverage and you use LESS product! Win/Win! Give me a shout if you need help choosing you color or shop on your own here!

Get out there an put your hustle on these next two mondays - you won't regret it!

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The Magic of the Charcoal Bar! (#LBB - Little Black Bar)

Sampling the Charcoal Bar has worked really well for many of you! I believe this is working well because the public knows about the powers of Charcoal and they have been watching you and wondering about Beautycounter. So when pairing the two in a post, message or email people want to try a sample. It is the most inexpensive way I have sampled product and a great opportunity to open the door with current customers and new ones. Here is a step by step of how to do it.

Possibly Variation of a Post

Product Spotlight! Charcoal Cleansing Bar - This bar packs a punch! It pulls impurities from your skin (without drying you out) and works really well for skin prone to breakouts. It was sold in a set over the holidays but is relaunched because it was so popular!

I have been loving it, so clean but not drying! Great for acne, blackheads and an overall deep clean. Use daily or a few times a week for bright and vibrant skin!

You have all been asking about it so I'm making up samples for those who've been wanting to try. Let me know if you would like me to send a sample your way!

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Don't expect your clients to follow up with you. You have to follow up and see how they are liking the product. Here is a follow up I did after launch to see what people thought!

Morning Heather - what did you think of the Charcoal Bar Sample? I wanted to let you know that it has launched today - $24! Historically our new product launches sell out super quick, like 24-48 hours because there has been so much hype! Jump on this on if you would like it - I have been loving it, so clean but not dry! Give me a buzz if you have any questions or if you want me to place your order for you!

Be Honest - Post or Message a few times

Just be honest on social media - people read right through sales - put your spin on it. How did it work for you? Poke a little fun out there or get a little personal. This is with any post too, not just Charcoal. People respond to genuine. So when you post - Don't expect that the whole world sees all of your posts every time. FB is weird and always changing with their algorythms so maybe 5 people see, maybe 50, but is hard to say. So don't be afraid to post at different times and even say "hey, you may have seen this already but didn't want you to miss out." Just call it out, people respond when you are honest.

Don't like Social Media - Great!

You can do this same action by treating it as an email or message or text. Shoot your 10 best friends or clients and email about Charcoal and say "I want you to see it first". Get creative!

You can do this with ANY Product.

You can take this same idea and use with any of our products. Baby will be my next one I will be sampling, or sunscreen! Sky's the limit!

Give me a shout if you have any question at all! You can look here for some examples of works to say on my business page or Morgan's.

My Business Page -

Morgan's Business Page -

Step By Step Set Up! Effective and inexpensive for new leads.

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Baby is HERE! March 1 - Questions, Products & Approach

The launch of BABY will be so amazing for our businesses! It opens the door to additional sales, new clients and the gateway for new consultants! PLUS - it puts safe products on babies all across the nation - doesn't get better then that! I just ordered mine - 2 sets (7068) and I can't wait. I ordered the 3 pack without the box so that I could get the 5 FREE samples of the Balm!!! Get yours too so you will be ready to go when it launches March. 1st. I want to have a few sets on hand so that I can sample them out and put them in skin kits because people will always purchase for their baby before themselves. There is so much education we can share with our clients around safety and especially with our most precious loves - our babes! Stay tuned about these products and start sharing the word with your clients! We can not post on social media with picks but we sure can let them know baby is on the way!

Here is how you can work it:

-Everyone puts their baby first. You can always get someone to purchase the best for their baby. I know I buy for my kids before myself in many arenas! Mother's want to know what the BEST ANYTHING is for their precious babes!

-Let our clients know baby is on the way. We can tease them but can not post on social media. You can email them and message them to let them know they will be the first on their list to hear about the launch.

-Make a list! List all your clients who have babies to share the products with. Make a list of friends and family who are pregnant or who have just had babies. Make a list of grandparents and sisters and friends who have babies! These are great gifts!!!!

-Purchase your products ahead of time! You get a deeper discount, samples and they will be here ASAP when the product launches! I ordered 2 sets of the Baby Set without the Box (then I will get 10 samples!!!) can't beat that!

How do we compare to Honest Company?

We will be asked how our baby line compares to that of Honest Company. Here are some comparisons that will help in your discussions! Bottom line is Beautycounter uses the BEST & most EFFECTIVE products without compromise. Other companies are very Big Box - Honest is Safe but they are not as high end of ingredients. Plus, they are not sourced as sustainably as ours are. Here is a breakdown of the products: (Shout out to Morgan Rasmussen for the comparisons - XOXO!)

Honest Company Shampoo/Body Wash in - Calming next to Beautycounter’s All-Over Baby Wash:

- Beautycounter’s product contains 11 ingredients vs. 28 ingredients. Therefore our Baby Wash is going to be more concentrated with less “filler oils/ingredients” BC’s is unscented and Honest Company’s contains many different essential oils, which could potentially irritate sensitive baby skin.

Honest Company Organic Healing Balm next to Beautycounter’s Daily Protective Balm:

- Beautycounter’s product contains 8 ingredients vs. 9 ingredients. And while that doesn’t seem life a very big difference, when you take a look at the quality of the ingredients being used, you’ll note the Honest Company product uses a variety of oils like Olive and Coconut Oil (cheaper in nature from a production standpoint). Beautycounter uses Jojoba Oil and a variety of high quality “wax” like ingredients that are more expensive to use, but are of higher quality.

Honest Company Body Oil next to Beautycounter’s Baby Oil:

- Beautycounter’s product contains 4 ingredients vs. 10 ingredients. Again, with only 4 ingredients, Beautycounter’s Baby Oil is concentrated and as well as unscented for the most sensitive baby skin! Beautycounter again uses only 3 high quality oils vs. using 8 different oils to make the production of the product less expensive by cutting it with less expensive oils.

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Beautycounter's Mission to Reform the Beauty Industry!

Another great video for us to share to show the impact we are making in Washington, DC. This is a social mission. We are so blessed to be working with a cause so much bigger than ourselves. A cause that is gaining consultants to spread the word about safe beauty so that someday people will not have to worry if what they are putting on their skin is harming them!
Beautycounter's Mission to Reform the Beauty Industry
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Kelli Weber, Senior Director

2016 is our YEAR! Big Goals, Big Change. I am here to help you succeed - our team is a powerhouse and I want to help you execute your ideas! We are stronger together than apart! How can I help you? Reach out to schedule a call anytime.

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