Kegimkujik National Park

Nova Scotia, Canada

Physical features

Some of the physical features are Kejimkujik Lake witch forms in the center of the park.

The Establishment of Kejimkujik Nitonal Park

In 1962 arrangements were made for the initial field examination of three proposed areas.

In 1934 a formal request was made for the examination for three sites in Nova Scotia, at Cape Blomidon, one in Yarmouth County, and the third in northern Cape Breton Island. In 1936 Cape Breton Highlands National Park was established.

Tourist facilatys/Things to do there

There are many tourist attractions such as hiking trials, canoeing, and camping. There are other things to do such as kayaking, Snowshoeing, cross country. A Place you can go is the gift shop.

Physical features/ Wiled life

The land in the park is hilly and has a lot of tree.

The whiled life at the park goes to poisonous snakes to bears, moose, and seals that come frome the sea.