Five Aspects Study

Week of: February 1, 2016


Dear Ladies,

This past week, we focused on what it means to "fear the Lord". If you have some time, review the lists or take the opportunity to read Psalm 34: 1-14. Perhaps even take a few moments to consider the following questions: What do these words teach me? What response do these words prompt within me?

Actions of the Psalmist

(from Psalm 34: 1-14)

v. 1 will bless the Lord & praise Him continually

v. 2 will boast in the Lord

v. 3 will magnify the Lord & exalt His name

v. 4 & 10 will seek the Lord

v. 5 will look to Him

v. 6 cry to Him

v. 7 & 9 will fear Him

v. 8 will taste & see the Lord’s goodness & will take refuge in Him

v. 11 will listen to Him

v. 12 will desire life & length of days

v. 13 will keep one’s tongue from evil & lips from lies

v. 14 will depart from evil, do good, & seek/pursue peace

Actions of the Lord

(from Psalm 34: 1-14)

v. 4 will answer when I seek & deliver me from all my fears

v. 5 will provide radiance to my face & keep me from being ashamed

v. 6 will hear me when I cry out & save me from trouble

v. 7 encamps around me & rescues me

v. 8 blesses me as I take refuge in Him

v. 9 & 10 keeps me from want of any good thing

May your weekend be filled with much peace, and may You have time to soak in God's word. We look forward to seeing you this coming Monday night!

Going Forward in His Grace,

Your Teaching Team

Homework Reminder for Monday, February 8th

We invite you to complete Lesson 18: Glory of Man (created) for our next meeting. You will find this lesson on book pages 68-87.

Tonight: Friday, February 5th

Friday Night Four Questions
  • February 5th @ 7:00 p.m
  • Fellowship Brentwood in The Barn

"What if there was a way to unify generations of women and you could be a part of it? It may be as simple as sitting around a table on a Friday night, eating dessert and discussing four questions. No matter your age, your perspective brings value and influence to the rest of us and we want to hear from you. Our goal is to have women of all ages, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and so on, share their unique perspectives and insights.

This is a great opportunity to connect with other Fellowship women and to bring a friend. Coffee and desserts will be served. No cost or registration required."

Quote taken directly from Fellowship Bible Church's website.)

Reminder: Inclement Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather during the semester, we will follow Williamson County School closings. If schools are closed or delayed, we will NOT have the study for that day. If this occurs, we will add a make-up class at the end of the semester, if possible.

Taken from class form: Study Schedule and General Information