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Do you love technology? Then you must watch Brain Jack!

This action-packed movie will take you through the epic tale of Sam Wilson. in this corrupted world, Sam realizes his amazing hacking skills he is then sent to work for a cyber defense division. There he works to stop hacker from destroying the world and his loved ones. will he succeed in mission? to fid out watch Brain Jack.
"The internet allows you to dream while you're still awake." ~ unknown

Neuro headsets causes night vision

It has to be true! Mary John is one victim of this strange effect of the Neuro headsets. Or so she claims. Researchers are running many test to see if this is true. For the mean time doctors recommend to not wear Neuro headset for long period of time or just don't ware them at all. Though you might think it would be cool to have night vision doctor fear there might be moreeffects of Neuro headsets. Want to stay up to date buy our next paper!


Need a job? Good with computer? Well this would be perfect for you! Looking for a specialized hacker. Must be willing to stay up late and come when called at any moment needed. Also needs to fast with his/her work. Can never be late to anything! If you meet our requirements then we will be happy to add you to our happy family of hackers.
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Ask Amy (advice column)

Dear, Amy
I think one of my new coworker is trying to take my job. Everyone always talks about how amazing and smart he is. one time at work we were in a bit of a jam and I tried to move him aside so I could do my job, but he told me to leave it to him! what should I do I love my job and spent years getting to where I am at and I am about to lose it just like that! please help me!
Sincerely ~ Hard Worker(Vienna)

Dear Hard Worker (Vienna)
one thing is if they didn't want you they would've fired you by now. so if I where you I wouldn't stress, just try your best. also if you want to get some help with keeping you in mind of your boss you can bring donuts in the morning for everyone. Hope this solved your problems and save your job!
Sincerely ~ Amy

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