Ancient Greece


World's first democracy

Greece was home to a democracy. Infact, Greece was the worlds first democracy

Role of the leaders

The greek Leaders were to suggest ideas, like Pericles who encouraged everyone to participate in the democratic government. Before a law was passed, it had to be approved by the public

Battles that involved greeks

The Greeks were involved in quite a few battles. 1 major war was the Battle of Marathon. Both sides sat on defense, not wanting to attack. They had perfectly good reasons not to do so. The Athenains had neither archers or calvary, along with the fact that they didnt want to operate on an open plain/ field because Daltris's calvary would put them at a disadvantage. A few other battles were the Ionain Revolt, the Sicilian War, and the First Persain War

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Greek influences

The Ancient Greeks have greatly influenced our modern culture. 1 thing that has influenced our culture if food. Everyone loves Greek delicacies like Baklava.

The types of government in Greece

There were three types of ancient Greece government. Those were oligarchy, monarchy and democracy. The democracy is the most favorite one because the people or assembly ruled the government.