Classroom News

May 2016

We are looking forward to our Author’s Celebration on Friday, June 17th at 1:30. Students have so many published pieces to share with you – including their amazing “All About Me” book.

Please send your child to school with a towel that they can leave in their cubbies for the remaining weeks of school. On warm days, it might be fun to read outside in the sunshine!

Please send in a washed, white t-shirt to be tie-dyed.


Students are working hard on measuring objects! We are using standard units such as inches, feet, yards, centimeters and meters. We are also learning about different types of graphs - including bar graphs, picto-graphs and line plots. We still continue to practice telling time to the 5 minute, and solidifying our basic addition and subtraction facts.


Reader’s Workshop

We are enjoying reading fairytales, folktales, myths and fables. We will be reading and comparing the many versions of Cinderella from around the world. We are also enjoying reading in our literacy teams. Students are getting quite skilled finding evidence from the text to support their thinking.

Writer’s Workshop

Did you receive a letter in the mail from your child trying to persuade you for something they really want? I wonder if any of the letters worked and the students got what they were asking for! We have also been working hard on our “All About Me” books that we will share with you and some of the first graders soon!


We are learning all about pond life! We will have 2 wonderful visits from Stony Brook! Then we will go on a field trip to visit the pond. We are excited to see all of the animals and plant life that live in and around the pond.