My Heart Breaks

The things that make me weep.

Sex Trafficing

Sex trafficking makes me weep inside. Our world is SO broken, and "broken men break there children", to quote a song. Our world NEEDS people willing to stand up and fight for the weak and the broken, because RIGHT NOW as you read this, there are girls and boys being raped and enslaved. We need to unite for a cause MUCH worth our time. Below is an article about my mom, who is now in the middle of founding a ministry to fight this horrid crime.


Little human lives are dying every day because of abortion. I understand that some people are forced to have babies against their will, but we need ADOPTION for those babies, NOT abortion. Think of the change in the world that we are destroying. Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. was killed as a baby... what would the impact be. What if Albert Einstein or George Washington was killed as a baby. ONE person can change the course of history... what have we done.
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The Spiritually Lost

My heart aches for those who don't know Jesus. ALL I want is for Jesus to impact the lives of those who don't know him. Jesus took their sins when he died on the cross. ALL the sins of men were PAID for and THROWN AWAY. All it takes is to ask Jesus into your heart. Jesus has been with those who are broken and gone astray forever. All he wants is to be with them. He wants a relationship. His name alone has the power to break addiction, slavery, and sin. All it takes is a simple "Yes" from the heart. His eyes are full of passion and love for those who don't know him. There is a time coming when Jesus will come back and make EVERY wrongdoing against his people right. He will make EVERY injustice be paid for. He is coming for his people. And YOU can be with him. YOU can be on his side. It just takes a 'yes'.


Something that makes me angry and sad is bullying. Everyone has immense worth in the eyes of the Creator. Everyone is worthy of attention and love. We need people who are bold and kind enough to stand up for those who are being broken and looked down upon because they are different, or because they don't act 'normal'. We are all human beings... why don't we act like them.

Abuse of Females

Almost nothing makes me more angry than the mistreatment of females. Females are to be treated with respect and dignity. I am NOT okay with disrespect to them, they were made by GOD.
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