By Amelie Hayne

Amur Tigers

There are many species of animals that are endangered in this world. The Amur tigers are amongst the most largest and rarest tigers and cats around the world. At the Woburn safari Park in Bedfordshire they welcomed two Amur tigers. This type of birth only happens once in a generation so it is very important. These tigers are being protected by the park and also by the international breeding program. the park is very happy to house these tigers.

Shark attack saves man's life after he discovers he has cancer

An encounter with a shark saved a man's life. When doctor's were treating him they discovered that he had cancer.

be kind

A simple gesture can change someone's whole day. By smiling or having a nice conversation with someone can make both their day and yours.

Man sacrifices himself to save daughter from train

A man saves his daughter by pushing her out of the way from being hit by an oncoming train, but losses his own life.

Baby Miracles

Baby Conan’s Parents Worried He May Die in the Womb, But a 3-D Printer Saved His Life

A unborn baby was noticed to have his airway blocked during an ultrasound. Once as the doctors realized the information they needed they created a 3 D model to help him breath.

How these miracle babies defied the odds

When Chloe Dunstan is told that one of her triplets is having trouble in the womb, she gets faced with choice of letting one die in the or have the risk of having them all die when they come out. But as it turns out they all survived!!!

Baby born without most of his brain turns 1

1 year old Jaxon Buell defied the odds by turning one just recently. Jaxon was born with a condition called anencephaly. Anencephaly is when a child is born without a major part of their brain, skull or scalp. Jaxon has been an inspiration to many people today.

A New, Life-or-Death Approach to Funding Heart Research

Cardiologists think that they may have found a way that will help save people with heart problems lives.

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey's rapid decline after being 'cured' leaves experts staggered

Lamar Odom remains on life support, in coma

Lamar Odom a former NBA star is currently on Life Support after being found unconscious.

Did life begin on Mars?

Man receives Life saver Award for saving his mother

Lynn Franz says that if it wasn't for her son than she would be dead right now. a year later she decided to do something to show her appreciation, so on Saturday her son was awarded the North Memorial Ambulance Service Life Saver Award in a surprise event.

Summary of Life News

People care about this news topic because it reminds people how blessed they are and that miracles do happen. News about someone sacrificing their life for someone's else's can give us hope in people. For example the article about a man sacrificing himself to save his daughter. This also shows what someone would be willing to sacrifice for you and how much they love and care about you. People read and watch information about life because it can give people hope for the future and what will come out of it. Like baby Jaxon he was born without most of his brain and he just turned one, which is a true miracle. People also get hope from hearing about new of new life, changes and opportunities. One example of hope we can get from the future from this news category is that there may be life found on Mars.