Ms. Davis' 1st Grade Happenings!!!

Hello Parents!

We had another wonderful week in 1st grade! Next week students will begin recording their behavior for the day in their agendas. Please look for this so you can keep up with how your child is doing. The Behavior Clip Chart works the following way: Each student has a clip with their number on it and will begin the day on “ready to learn”. Throughout the school day they have the opportunity to move up on the chart for positive behavior, or down the chart for not making good choices. Students are first given one warning before they have to move their clip down. If they are off task and have to be redirected again, they will have to move their clip to “think about it”. For their 2nd infraction, they move down to “teachers choice” which can be 10 minutes of silent lunch, etc. For the 3rd infraction, students will move their clip to parent contact and will receive a note home from me. At the end of each day, students will record what they landed on. This is just to encourage outstanding behavior during the school day! Don’t be alarmed if your child comes home on “think about it” It is just a reminder to encourage them to follow our classroom rules. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Next Week We Will...

- Math: Add using the “count on” strategy, and use nickels & pennies to count on

- Science: Continue our comparing and measurement unit

- Social Studies: Discuss conflict resolution and how to get along with classmates

- Literacy: Learn new spelling words, review short vowels and their sounds, Introduce new daily 5 center: word work

- Writing: Create fall writing pieces, Celebrate Johnny Appleseed and write about his life


-If you want to volunteer and chaperone field trips throughout the school year, please remember to come to school to register in the library as an approved volunteer. The deadline is coming up shortly!

- Please continue to encourage your child to take items out of his/her STAR binder every morning that need to be turned in

- Remember all homework is due on Friday!

- Please be sure to complete a spelling activity every night!

- Please be sure to read for at least 15 minutes every night!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

Have a great weekend!

Anita Davis