Tyngsborough Elementary School

10/27/19 Update

Our Annual Adopt A Family efforts are in full swing! Please take a moment to read the letter below which outlines the importance of this amazing community program.

2019 Adopt A Family School Community Kick Off.pdf

Stay tuned for details on our food drive and other fundraising efforts.


Please send in a $1.00 donation for our Annual Adopt a Family.

This year, TES will provide the opportunity for students and staff to wear costumes on Wednesday, October 30th - Halloween! In order to make the day a success, we have developed a few guidelines.

Most importantly, all costumes must be school appropriate.

All students participating must come to school dressed in their costumes. Students should not bring makeup or hair products to school.

Basic Costume Don't's:
Costumes may not have parts that interfere with learning. This means no masks or costumes that restrict movement or vision, or prevent sitting at desks. Costumes must not obstruct movement in the hallways.
Costumes may not promote violence or have accessories or props that could be used as a weapon.
We are looking forward to everyone following the guidelines, coming up with creative costumes, and having fun!

Friendly Reminder: Please do not send food or candy into school.

Message from Mrs. LaRochelle, Library/Media Specialist

I'm kicking off an at-home, October activity that was shared with me by another librarian friend, a Storybook Pumpkin Patch. It's NOT a contest and it's absolutely not required, but if your kiddo is creative and wants to partake in designing a story-themed pumpkin (either real or on paper), see the attached notice and link. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm excited to see all the amazing pumpkins!


Our library has never looked better! The energy and excitement around books is wonderful to see! We're always looking for volunteers to help out. Please see the link below to sign up.


Fall Scholastic Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair will run from October 31st - November 8th. The individual class schedules are listed below.

We are looking for volunteers to help at our book fair. Please use the following link to sign up to be a book fair volunteer. Each volunteer will receive a special thank you gift for your time and support!

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on SignUp.com: https://signup.com/login/entry/1046983235324046088
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on SignUp.com)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots - SignUp.com will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!

Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Student Information Form

Recently, an email was sent in regards to completing the Student Information Form. The information form, accessible through the parent portal, is used to collect items such as family information, emergency contact data, and medical permissions. It is crucial that you complete this form as soon as possible. Failure to submit this form will affect your student’s ability to attend field trips, participate in after-school activities, and receive medications from the school nurse.

Letter from Mrs. Young, School Counselor

I hope that your family’s transition into another school year has been smooth! As I have done in years past, I moved up with the two grade levels on my caseload and during the 2019-2020 school year will be supporting students in grades 4 and 5. I am writing with a couple of updates for these grade levels.

In early September I began conducting weekly classroom lessons in each 4th and 5th grade classroom. During our first lesson we visited the Mindfulness Room and had some great discussions about setting intentions for the school year. More recently, to further help our school be a safe and respectful community, our lesson topics have been centered around bullying prevention. Using the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit, your student has been learning specific skills to help stop bullying. Students are learning how to:

• Recognize when bullying is happening, report bullying to a caring adult, and refuse to let bullying happen

• Be a bystander who helps stop bullying
• Support someone being bullied by standing up for that person and being kind and inclusive
• Recognize, report, and refuse cyber bullying when they see or know about it happening

Connected to this letter are some simple and fun activities called Home Links. These activities give your child another chance to practice his or her skills for handling bullying. They will also help you understand what your student is learning about bullying and how you can assist your student if he or she needs to respond to bullying. Please note: All classes are at different points in the lessons, so while some have completed all four lessons, others will be completing them over the next couple of weeks).

For bullying prevention to work, everyone at school needs to be involved. All of our staff are trained to:

• Recognize and respond to bullying
• Support children who have been bullied
• Correct behaviors of children who are bullying
• Use strategies that support a positive school and classroom climate

And we need your help, too! Get involved in making our school a safe and respectful place by letting us know if you hear about bullying at our school. Make sure your student knows to tell you or someone at school if he or she is being bullied, or if he or she knows about someone else being bullied. Give your child the clear message that it is never okay to bully others.

If you have any questions about the Bullying Prevention Unit or the Second Step program, please contact me. For more information on our school’s anti-bullying policy and specific procedures, check our school website or contact the school office. Thank you for helping us make our school a safe, respectful place where everyone can learn!

In other news, as you might have heard, I just began maternity leave! My husband and I welcomed our first child, Addie, on October 10th. Addie came a bit earlier than expected, but we’re all doing great! I anticipate returning to TES in January. While I am out, the other two TES school counselors will be available to support students in 4th and 5th grade. Carolyn Reichard will be covering 4th grade and Christie Manganis will be covering 5th grade. If you need to be in touch with a school counselor while I am out, please refer to their contact info below:

Grade 4: Carolyn Reichard, School Counselor

Email: carolyn.reichard@tyngsboroughps.org

Phone: (978)649-1990 x9040

Grade 5: Christie Manganis, School Counselor/School Psychologist

Email: christie.manganis@tyngsboroughps.org

Phone: (978) 649-1990 x9100


Nicole Young

School Adjustment Counselor


P.S. Make sure to join SecondStep.org with the activation key BPU5 FAMI LY05 to get information about what your child is learning in the Second Step program!

Day to Day Substitutes

We are looking for day-to-day substitutes. Our daily rates are:

Paraprofessionals - $70

Teacher - $80

If you are interested or know someone who might be, lease contact Liz Gill at 978-649-1990 or

elizabeth.gill@tyngsboroughps.org. Thank you!

~ IMPORTANT DATES ~ (*Dates are subject to change)


Wednesday, October 30th - Halloween Extravaganza & Early Release Day (Preschool Dismissal @ 11:30 & Kindergarten - Grade 5 @ 12:00)

Thursday, October 31st - November 8th - Scholastic Book Fair


Wednesday, November 6th - No School (PD Day for Staff)

Friday, November 8th - Veteran's Day Parade & Breakfast

Monday, November 11th - No School - Veteran's Day

Wednesday, November 13th - O'Connor Studios Photos Re-take Day

Wednesday, November 27th - Early Release Day (Preschool Dismissal @ 11:30 & Kindergarten - Grade 5 @ 12:00)

Thursday, November 28th & Friday, November 29th - No School - Happy Thanksgiving

Please save the dates and plan accordingly.

MCAS Testing Days for Grades 3-5

April 28 - 29 - ELA (Final Day for Make-Ups May 1st)

May 5-6 - Science

May 13-14 - Math (Final Day for Make-Up May 22nd)

TST Community Calendar

The 35th TST Community Calendar will be available for purchase for $5 by contacting Daniela diMari at 978-649-2527. The community calendar features dates of Town and School meetings, early release days, MCAS dates and school vacation dates.

The 16th annual Holiday Marketplace will take place on November 3rd at the Tyngsborough Elementary School from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will feature exhibitors of handcrafted items, gifts, and decorative items, as well as business services and representatives of the home based business work force. Exhibitors wishing to reserve a table for this event may contact Rose Mitchell at mitchell6260@msn.com or info@TyngsboroughScholarshipTrust.org. New this year at the Holiday Marketplace will be pictures with Santa, cookie decorating with Mrs. Clause, and an adult Paint craft! Stay tuned for more details!

TST information is available in the Community News portion of our public schools’ weekly email blast. The TST is actively recruiting new members and invites you to join our meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at the Tyngsborough Town Hall at 7:00 pm. If you would like to volunteer at one fundraising events, enjoy trivia competition, or can help remotely by updating our website or Facebook page, we need you! Please check out our website http://www.tyngsboroughscholarshiptrust.org/ or send an email to info@TyngsboroughScholarshipTrust.org with any questions.

Please consider supporting our amazing community groups.




The Tyngsborough Public Schools does not discriminate against students, parents, employees or the general public on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, or age.

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