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February 15, 2019

Circle work

I hope you all found the faculty meeting last Monday to be beneficial and enjoyable. The best part that I find about circle training is that you get to be in circle! You each were able to experience four different kinds of circles during our afternoon together and I hope you each found new ways to engage students in circles. Below is a picture of Wyatt's fifth grade class participating in a fish bowl circle today. As we have discussed in PLCs and in our local buzz, our students struggle with effort and determination to persevere through tasks when they are hard. Mrs Wyatt used the fishbowl format to have a discussion about effort and what strategies the students in the center of the circle used to remain focused and successful at finishing the difficult task. Mrs. Wyatt reported that the circle was a complete success and the observers in the circle were riveted by what was said in the inner circle. Some even jumped in to ask a question and then jumped out. Overall it was a great success. Thanks Jennifer for trying a new approach to circling in your classroom.

Please use the link below to complete a 4 question feedback questionnaire about our circle training last Monday.

Big picture

New Faces in Town

After what seems like weeks and weeks on interviewing we have finally filled all of our IA vacancies. I am super excited to introduce our new staff to you:

Anitra Little--who is not new to us--has moved from working in K in Mrs. Smith's class to being the new full time IA in preK.

Pamela Jones will be working with our first grade team replacing Caitlyn Johnson who accepted an interim in Sullivan County.

Jenifer Johnston--who has been here all year supporting us in one way or another--has accepted the second grade opening replacing April Morgan who has moved on to complete her student teaching.

Sarah Fish will be working in Mrs. Smith's room (she starts on Monday) replacing Anitra who moved to the PreK room.

Mandy Maye is working in the SPED room and likely pushing into classrooms because seh took over Ms. Mitchell's schedule who accepted a long term position at a school in VA.

Darren Pliler has begun working with the 5th grade team taking over for Sarah Gibson who accepted a long term position in Charlotte, NC.

We are very excited to have these new staff members and welcome them to our building!


Support Jump Rope For Heart

Next Friday will be a Jean's Day at Lincoln to support Jump Rope For Heart. Mrs. Hyder-Hall will have an envelope in the office to collect your donations next Friday the 22nd.

RTI Work

Thank you to all teams for your preparedness in yesterday's RTI meetings. We appreciate you looking at the sheets that Autumn sent ahead of time and your willingness to discuss changes in intervention and some groupings. Our focused support these students is going to help us reach the goals set forth in our vision.

Spring Book Study

With the exception of two grades, all grade levels have their books for the spring semester. Please start reading the books and thinking about how you want to divide the reading. We do have lots to do this semester and for some of you it could be unrealistic to get the book finished by the end of May. If your team wants to make divisions so that some/most of the book is read this spring, but some is finished over the summer, that could work. We can talk about it quickly at our next PLC for just a few minutes. You all have picked great books and I'm looking forward to reading the new books that were chosen this semester that I haven't read either.

Behavior POP

Thank you for completing your POPs for Jason Gordon's visit on Tuesday. I sent them to Thursday evening and he is ready for our meetings next week. Marsha, Kristen, Leigh Anne, and Henry may be joining some meetings for their own growth. It is dependent on the needs of the building. He is looking forward to a great day with you all.

Hot Topics

As we continue to create strong environments that promote independence and support student mastery of skills, the topic of Anchor charts have come up more than a few times over the past few weeks with several of you. I found some quick resources that could be of help in expanding our use of this instructional tool. Remember our classroom walls can be a second teacher to our students. Make the most of your space and use it to your students' advantage.

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