Is it worth it? not really...

What is perseverence

what is perseverance?

Perseverance is that feeling you get when you turn in a nights worth of missing work...

Perseverance is how survivors of things like Cancer and 9/11 feel when things are back to normal...

Perseverance is that overwhelming feeling of triumph.

What is perseverance?

That... that is perseverance.

A Description of the Lady Jags

The lady jags are a team located at Carroll Academy in Tennessee. The academy is for young adults who have became lost in the world because of family or behavior issues.

The academy is known for their appearance on ESPN in 2013 for ESPN’s program about sport related inspiring stories usually about Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’neal, Michael Phelps and more. The story is, in 2013 Carroll Academy had they're normal girls basketball season but this year was different because the girls in it were more fussy and badly behaved then in the past and the coaches redirected them in the right direction. The appearance of A academy for delinquents was a drawback for ESPN but they couldn't pass off the total goldmine and possibility of changing a young person's behavior issues.

Most of the girls had at least one interaction with police in their lives, ¾ of them had experimented with drugs or alcohol or both and had anger issues. The root of most of these problems were either their parents or anger, and only 1 of them had a fine family life.

The girls were sent to Carroll because of their branding as bad children their whole life which I guess caused the anger and rage in them, they were described for years as having bad character.

Eric LeGrand Persevering Explained In Cause and Effect

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Comparing and Contrasting, Leroy and Dartanyan

Both Leroy and Dartanyan are similar but different in their own special way.

Leroy who was hit by a train in 2001 leaving him without his lower body and Dartanyan who is legally blind. They formed a team in which they use one's legs and one's sight to makes things easier for the two. One was moving every couple months and one lived in a house without a ramp… are they happy? YES! Because they have each other and that is why they are happy

Winston Churchill life explained

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The dominoes story- Problem/Solution

In the story “from rolling dough to rolling in dough” it details the story behind Domino's Pizza and its creator and his many triumphs and setbacks.

One problem was that his partner went bankrupt after losing all his money which almost shut down the restaurant. Another is that he spread the chain too fast and they all closed fast, and then he almost went bankrupt as well. His solution to these problems? Making pizza! That was his motivation in life and his pride and joy… Making pizza wasn't just a hobby or something he was good at, it was his life! His answer to everything and every problem in life was making pizza and that was it… his solution is pizza.


Is perseverance an important and inspiring thing to know about? yes! because when you are doing homework all night or your stuck in a hurricane you can just think that it will get better from here and that is whats important.

Perseverance will always be around, there will always be something bad in life to overcome!

We need to learn about perseverance because we will use it in everyday life someday! in school we must learn stuff that we will use everyday in life and perseverance we will need to use everyday when we are adults so it is crucial to learn this, so we are not overwhelmed with it in 20+ years.