How's your posture affecting you?

Being off balance causes more than just pain!

Do you know the many ways that your posture affects your health?

Your posture is determined by the state of your spinal column. The structure and function of the spine are closely intertwined with the functioning of the nervous system.1

Why is the Nervous System important? Because it controls EVERYTHING in your body! The Nervous System is the link between your inner and outer worlds. It controls how you perceive the world around you, how you think, move and react.

Postural changes cause alterations in the electrical and chemical transmission of the Nervous System, that is, between every part of your body and your brain.3

Poor posture puts excessive stress on the spine and nervous system. For every 2.5 cm that your head moves forward, the weight balanced on your spine increases by 4.5 kg! That deviation from your natural alignment causes unneccesary stress on many bones, and abnormal wear and tear on the joints and ligaments, which can lead to degeneration, often in the form of arthritis. Being stooped over also increases pressure on the internal organs. Maintaining an unnatural position is tiring and the compression that results can decrease lung capacity by up to 30%! Breathing also has a significant influence on stress and anxiety levels. An unsurprisingly consequence is an increase in pain and discomfort, which can adversely affect one’s mental health.3-5

A balanced body can maintain health at an optimum level.

A spine that is in proper alignment can better support our health! We see decreased wear and tear on bones, joints and ligaments. Muscles work more efficiently, with less tension and fatigue. Organs, such as the lungs are less compressed, increasing the oxygen that arrives to cells.2

Get your spine checked regularly for a healthier nervous system!

Chiropractors detect and correct subluxations in the spinal column that affect the function of the nervous system. Getting adjusted regularly removes interferences that affect how you function everyday.


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Richelle Gardner

4th Year Intern at Barcelona College of Chiropractic Center