Air Pollution

By: Eric Ossian

How we can prevent air pollution

One way we can reduce air pollution is by using mass transportation methods instead of there being a lot more of single cars only driving one person. Another way is to always turn off lights and appliances when you are not using them because the energy that you waste could still contribute to air pollution. Another way to go along with the first tip is to join a carpool or van pool to go places such as work or to a sporting event.

How air pollution affects us

Research has shown that air pollution doesn't only affect people with respiratory problems but it also affects regular people. If the person is exposed to ozone for 6-7 hours even if it is at a low level it reduces reduces lung function. Another study has shown that every year 4.3 million people die prematurely due to household air pollution.
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Air pollution; A worldwide issue

Scientists predict there will be 1,000 to 4,000 early on deaths in a kids childhood by the year of 2050 due to air pollution. They also think that the ozone levels will go up along with the number of premature deaths. Air pollution affects our world/environment by making it a dirty and a unhealthy place to live. Air pollution can damage trees, crops, plants, and animals. Air pollution can also damage buildings and monuments.

How air pollution affects our visual enviorment

Air pollution is visible; especially in heavily polluted areas such as major cities. Our ability to see fine details and color in distant views can be impacted by air pollution.
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What is being done about air pollution

In 1970, congress created the Environmental Protection Agency that allowed the federal government the ability to clean up air pollution in our country.