Emilija Miskinyte, Tim Berberich, Lindsay Mathys

Fad Diets = Bad Diets!

What Are They?

A fad diet is a weight loss plan or aid that promises dramatic results. These diets typically don't result in long-term weight loss and they are usually not very healthy. In fact, some of these diets can actually be dangerous to your health.

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The Paleo (Caveman) Diet

The Paleo diet, also called the "Caveman" or "Stone Age" diet, centers around the idea that if we eat like our ancestors did 10,000 years ago, we'll be healthier, lose weight and curb disease. Only eating foods that can be hunted, fished or gathered: meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs, veggies, roots, fruits and berries. No grains, no dairy, no legumes (beans or peas), no sugar, no salt. They exclude whole grains, legumes and dairy, which can be risky. Supplementation becomes necessary.

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The Maple Syrup Diet

Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup – is made from the sap of maple and palm trees. It is also known as The Lemon Detox. Many of the claimed benefits include weight loss, cleansing the body of toxins, greater resistance to illness, improved concentration, increased energy, clearer skin and eyes, shinier hair and stronger nails. The detox drink itself is made by mixing 2 tablespoons of the Natural Tree Syrup with 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper or ginger and half a pint of hot or cold water. It’s recommended you drink as much as you like, but ideally six to nine glasses daily.
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The Baby Food Diet

A diet that uses only baby food to control calorie intake.

being an adult, you wont recieve all the necessary nutrients through baby food, which was designed specifically for babies. You will lose weight with this diet, yes. But you can easily gain it back.

You can replace 2 meals with baby food, but you need to have 1 solid meal.
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The Feeding Tube Diet

A test tube is put up a healthy person’s nose, down their esophagus, and into their stomach. On this diet, the patient will eat 800 calories per day. This portion is then spread over the length of 10 days. The patient is required at all times to carry with her a small bag holding their feeding solution. People who use a feeding tube to lose weight put themselves at great risk for gaining weight back once the procedure is complete, because they are likely to go back to their old eating habits.

Short Term Effects

The biggest short term effect is weight loss. Although, you will eventually gain your weight back. Another short term effect would be a slower metabolism.

Long Term Effects

  • Prolonged hunger

  • Depression

  • Reduced sex drive

  • Fatigue

  • Irritability

  • Fainting

  • Sinus problems

  • Rashes

  • Bloodshot eyes

  • Loose folds of skin

Negative Health Consquences

  1. Gallbladder Disease
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Altered Metabolism
  4. Nutritional Deficiencies
  5. Hair and Muscle Loss