Welcome to the country Gino

by Alec Paiva

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Welcome to the country Gino

The country of Gino is a small-sized island with a river going through the middle of the island. The population is 102,282 people. The country's primary language is English but sub-languages are Spanish,Portuguese, Chinese(Mandarin),French, and Korean. You may halt your education once you finish high school. When you turn 18 you must join the military. You eligible to leave after you've been in the military for a minimum of 1 year. After you've left the military you can go to college( it's paid by the government ). After you've worked at your job for 1 year, you receive health care for free.You may retire at the age of 55. Everyone pays 35% of their salary in taxes.

Six Freedoms

  • All may speak freely with no repercussions
  • Anyone may receive healthcare and free college
  • Lying is okay under certain circumstances
  • Participate in any debate or event(petition,etc.)
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of gesture

Four Things that are Illegal

  • Drugs
  • Stealing
  • Subliminal messaging
  • Prostitution

Type of Government

I choose the Representative Democracy. The reason being is because there would be too many people to count how many votes each candidate got.It also because in other forms of governments give a person or group too much power.The way we will elect our leaders is by voting on representatives who will choose the leaders on behalf of the people.

System of Government

Federal is the system inside the government. I chose this system because a Unitary gives someone too much power, a Confederation relies on other nations, and a Parliamentary didn't work because I didn't want a prime minister.

Type of Economy

Capitalism is the type of economy I chose.I chose capitalism because it focuses mostly on money, and money is one of the most important part of working.

What are some fun things to do in your country?

You can participate in the annual Video game tournament. Or the bi-monthly sports tournament. Go to the water park in the middle of the country.Join board game clubs at the schools. Entertain the masses.

Pie Chart

Blue-Farmers Orange-Government Grey-Entertainment Yellow-Etc.(Office,Construction,Pharmacy,Etc.)