Mission San Luis Obispo De Tolosa

By Vanessa Rodriguez

Mission History

Mission San Luis Obispo year built 1770. The found in 1772. The Indians at the mission was the Chumash. The founder of the mission was Fray Serra. The important date was July16 1769. September11772 over 1804-1832. December,1769. Last founded in 2,500 and 5422.

Daily Life

The indian live there was the Chumash. Fray Serra was in charge. The women made basket. The Indian women wove blankets. The indian women cooked food. The women made soap. The women made breakfast.The women made clothing. They need corn grain.The crop were grow plant.

Pictures and illustrations

Mission Today

The opening was other mission. The opening was at they also as to entry. they do not have no field trips. The church was by the next side. they do have a museum.


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