To Kill a mockingbird

Jean Louise "Scout finch"

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She lived in macomb Alabama. She is a girl and a tomboy. She is around 6years old. Her dad is Mr. Atticus Finch. She has one brother named jim.



Place Macomb county, Alabama

Characters: Dill, Atticus finch, scout finch, jim finch

To Kill A Mocking bird is about racism. The mad dog in the story is the symbol of racism.


Her interests are to read and write. She is nice and she sometimes has an attitude. Her brother jim doesn't like it when she has an attitude.

turning point

is where the neighbors house caught on fire and Boo Radley put a blanket over scouts shoulders and she didn't ben see him or realize he put it there
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After the turning point

Is where the dog was wobbling down the street when scout and jim saw it walking and ran back to the house and told atticus that the dog didn't look so good. Then Atticus called the sherif because the hey see that the dog was sick and had rabbies. The sherif arrived and handed Atticus a riffle and he shot the dog then scout and jim realized there dad has a taken shooting guns.