Team Austin 1A

September 28, 2015

Janell Thach

Language Arts

Interactive read alouds:


Wimberly Worried

The Day the Crayons Quit

Shared reading:

First Grade Chant (for the Rise and Shine Assembly)

Reader's Workshop

*author's big idea

*point of view


Writer's Workshop:

*using your Heart Map to select a topic

*choosing the right paper for your work

*what to do when you had to stop in the middle of a piece of writing

Word Work: short o words

high frequency words: all, were, we

We will begin a spelling pretest on Monday and a test on Friday. If your child can already spell all of the words on the pretest, a differentiated list will be given. Friday we will test on the words. You may want to reinforce the words at home during the week. We will start out with a traditional "list call out" of the words and work toward sentence dictation in the coming weeks.

Handwriting: lower case letters t, a,d,g; review letters made from Magic C


*subitizing (rapidly and accurately recognizing the amount of a small set of objects)

*counting forward and backward from 1 to 120

*place value reinforcing different ways to decompose a number

Social Studies / Science


After weeding the first grade plot in our school garden last week, we will be planting this week.

Science journals: What is science? What is a scientist?

FOSS experiment kit Investigation 2 Stems

creating a new plant from a root vs. a seed - ivy cuttings

creating a new plant from a stem - potato


PICTURE DAY: Don't forget that Tuesday is individual student pictures. Orders are due by the day of the pictures.

PARENT CONFERENCES: If you have not signed up for a parent conference, please see the link below. I am still missing a response from 8 families. Thank you!

RISE AND SHINE ASSEMBLY: Be sure you arrive on time Friday for our Rise and Shine Assembly in the gym.

Our assessments are finally complete and we will be beginning our routines of Reading and Writing Workshop with more consistency this week. I can't wait! My training last Thursday and Friday was great and a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other educators in our district. I never like being absent from the classroom, but this was worth it!