Student Council

Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much

What is Student Council?

Student council is a club you apply to be in. If you are voted into student council then you represent your class. The goal student council is to try to make everyone's school life as enjoyable as possible.

What Do You Do in Student Council?

You do a lot of community service and fundraising. You work at blood drives through out the year and do fundraisers for dances, walk/runs, sports tournaments, and for the end of the year trip that you might take. By planning and working at these activities learn a lot of leadership skills.

Student Council members meet every first Wednesday of every month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can be in student council? - There are four people from each grade 6-8 that are chosen to be in it.
  • Who is in charge of student council? - Mrs. Means (the math teacher) is in charge of student council.
  • What do you do in student council? - You run dances, work at blood drives, do fundraisers, sometimes go on an end of the year trip, etc...
  • How do you join student council? - You fill out an application and tun it in. Then your whole grade votes for who they want to represent them.
  • How many times can you apply for student council? - You can apply every year that you want to.