Atlantis: is it myth or truth?

Is Atlantis real?

Why do people care about Atlantis

People care about Atlantis because it is a cool story people want to think is real.


We hear the story of Atlantis from a Greek philosopher named Plato ( Pruitt, 2015). He dcribed how the island of Atlantis fell out of favor with the gods and sunk into the Atlantic Ocean ("Atlantis", 2016).


There are many theories about Atlantis. There is to many to list off but the most common theory is that Atlantis is some where in the Atlantic Ocean (Pruitt, 2015).


There is not that much evidence proving the theories of Atlantis. Science tells us that plate tectonics make it impossible for Atlantis to exist (Radford, 2014).

So…Is it real?

I think Atlantis probaly is a real story that got edited to make it sound cooler. I think it is probaly thr story of the Greek island of Santorini which was destroyed by a volcano ("Atlantis, 2010).