Filipino American Medical Society

By: Sarah Rashdan

About Us

FAMS Team Members

  • Sarah Broder, Pilot: Commander of the aircraft, double checks the route, approves inflight route changes, and participates in the selection of relief supplies.

  • Sarah Rashdan, Medical Officer: Determines which supplies will be needed for the mission to prevent and control disease outbreak, serve as the team expert on diseases, participates in the selection of relief supplies.

  • Areeba Shaikh, Navigator: Identifies airports for stops and calculates flight times, plots final rout on world map, reviews weather and flight advisories, informs pilot if any changes are necessary, and participates in the selection of relief supplies.

  • Maya Whitley, Loadmaster: Supervises the supplies among five pallets based on capability of the aircraft and participates in the selection of relief supplies.

Important Information about our Team

Our team makes stronger Fillipino-American relations. We serve the troubled parts of the Phillipines with medical help, food, clean water, ect. We have a safe, secure way to transport all of these essentials. We use palettes that can be safely removed from the plane in almost any way possible. This can be very effective in difficult situations. We have easy to set up portable hospitals. These are just a few of the components that make us a great relief team.

Our Mission Goal

Send Medical aid and refill supplies to the people in need in Tacloban

Our Primary Objective

Our primaty objective is to help the people in need of medical supplies and orther miscellaneous supplies needed for survival in the rural areas of the Phillipines.


Manifest of what will be delivered: 27,000 pounds of supplies including:

  • Portable Hospitals
  • Refrigerated Medical Chests
  • Medical supplies
  • Portable Latrines
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Food
  • Clothing Blankets
  • Mosquito Supplies

Time it will take to deliver supplies:

31 hours and 16 minutes

Our flight route is:

We depart from Houston Texas with all of our supplies tightly secured in the plane. Next, we stop in North Wayburn, Canada to refuel. After we complete the refuel we exit to go to our third stop, High Level airport also in Canada. Then, we leave the country of Canada into Alaska's Manly Hot Springs airport. We will leave the continent and make our journey across the Pacific to get to our next refueling stop, Tilichki, Russia. Staying in Russia, we make another stop in Khabarovsk Novy airport. Once we leave the country of Russia, we go to Xinigha, China. Afterwards, we go to the Laoag airport, in Laoag, Philippines. Our final destination is The Tacloban airport.

Our goal of getting to Tacloban safely was accomplished.

Volume and Weight of each Pallet

Pallet One: 4,300 lbs, 640 square feet

Pallet Two: 4,300 lbs, 616 square feet

Pallet Three: 6,650 lbs, 576 square feet

Pallet Four: 5,250 lbs, 544 square feet

Pallet Five: 6,700 lbs, 528 square feet

Total Weight and Volume of what will be Delivered

Total Weight:

27,000 pounds

Total Volume:

2,904 feet squared

Supplies that Directly Addresses our Goal

The supplies that address our main goal directly are Medical supplies and Refrigerated Medical Chests.
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What we Accomplished (Chronological)

  1. Researched the Philippines
  2. Investigated major widespread epidemics
  3. Formed our goals
  4. Demonstrated how cargo pallets will work
  5. Constructed fight plans
  6. Began formulating a debriefing


We use to think that the Philippines was hit by a very insignificantly minor hurricane, but now I know that it was a very devastating typhoon that took many lives.

Strategies that Did and Did Not Work

A strategy that did work was organizing the importance of each refill supply.

A strategy that did not work was breaking the group apart and having everyone work alone rather than together.

Tips and Lessons Learned

  • Double check all work
  • Stay organized
  • Do extreme research
  • Practice makes Perfect on google earth
  • when packing supplies, use space rationaly

Statement Reflecting Purpose and Accomplishments

We can help the Philippines by just donation to a fund to help them refill supplies and researching diseases.