Professional Wing Dialogue

You have been selected to be your group's care bear!

Your role is to:

1. Encourage your group members to contribute to the discussion.

2. Keep track of time and move on to the next question once the time allocated is up!

Activity 1: Sharing, discussion and synthesis or articles/videos

We suggest spending 30 min for Q1 & Q2 and 10 min for Q3

Question 1: In relation to your subject/area of work, what key concepts or ideas from the article/video will aid in:

(a) developing 21CC without losing the disciplinary focus of the lesson?

(b) making students’ learning and thinking visible?

(c) facilitating more student voices in the classroom?

Question 2: What ideas, positions or assumptions do you want to challenge within the article/video?

Question 3: In your branch, what changes are necessary to sharpen your officers’ 21CC development skills?

Activity 2: Unpacking "Thinking Skills and Thinking Dispositions"

Question 1: (10 min)

What connections did you make between Table 1, the CIT S&B, and your respective areas of work (e.g. design of subject syllabus / teacher training)

Question 2: (10 min)

When planning and designing the syllabus/lessons, the integration of 21CC should be intentional, meaningful and facilitate the transfer of learning. How might Table 1 and the CIT S&B help you to do so?

Question 3: (10 min)

21CC could be assessed through the provision of qualitative feedback that is developmental and formative in nature. How might you use Table 1 and the CIT S&B to assess CIT?

Question 4: (10 min)

What challenges do you foresee arising from your efforts to develop CIT through your respective areas of work?