"V For Vendetta 2"

On November.31

Watch v for VENETTA 2

V is back and he will not sit by and watch his country fall after he faked his death he new his country was fine but a new evil government has come forward and V will pass judgment he knows what needs to be done and it will.adam wasn't the last but they will all face judgment.

Every day until December 31

Please come and watch the sequel to v for VENETTA.

Movie actor

Guaranteed to be action packed and thrilling, awarded beast movie of the year.

Questions asked a lot

Will it be as good as the first,will there be a new v,to those question we say it will be better than the first,and to the other question it will be the same v from the last movie.those who also ask v is the protagonist because he is the main character the story is about him,Natalie is the foil she is like v student she is an example of what v can do making her like him ,and John hurt is the antagonist as he is the villain of the story he wants to stop v at any cost .