Mrs. Lyons's Newsletter

September 22-26, 2014

Mark Your Calendar:

October 14 & 16: Early Dismissal and Parent Teacher Conferences

October 17: No School

This Week

  • Spelling: We will begin working on new words this week. Students will be given a copy to practice at home to prepare for our test on Friday.

  • Reading: Last week, our class read over 2,500 minutes at home and logged their reading time in their planners. That is an incredible start! If we keep that up, we may be able to beat last year's record of 95,000 minutes! Reading at home is strongly encouraged, even if it is 10 minutes here and there.

  • Writing: This week we will continue writing a personal narrative, a true story from the writer's own life experiences.

  • Math: This week we will take a brief assessment on place value and rounding. We will walk through a lot of the assessment together, and it will cover everything we have been learning in math so far this year. It will not require additional studying at home, but will simply recap the concepts students have learned so far. Then we will work on multi-digit addition and subtraction. At home, students should be practicing their multiplication facts, especially the 3x, 4x, and 6x tables. Don't forget to try and

  • Social Studies: We will continue working on our social studies unit this week, taking a closer look at the Preamble, the three branches of government, and map skills.

  • Student Planners: Check your child's planner for daily updates on what we are learning. If the assignment is to be done as homework, we will indicate this with HW.
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