Allie Freeman

All about me

All about me

My personality.

I am a nice friendly girl who loves to hang out with my friends.

I also love to be crazy and weird because thats who i am.

My family.

I am the youngest in my family, i have an older brother Justice. I live with my Dad, Mom, Grandma and my brother Justice.

My hobbies.

  1. I like to read.
  2. I like to draw.
  3. I like to dance.
  4. I play volleyball.
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My Favorites.

  1. My favorite food is chicken.
  2. My favorite drink is sweat tea.
  3. My favorite color is turquoise.
  4. My favorite sport is Volleyball.
  5. My favorite subject is Language arts.
  6. My favorite animal is Kangaroos.
  7. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
  8. My favorite season is Spring.

My friends.

I have a lot of friends but the ones i hang out with most are

Kendra Spencer, Breana Spray and Caleb Tittle. I met Breana Spray and Caleb Tittle this year but Kendra has been my friend for a long time. They are all like family to me and i love them!

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Breana is NOT afraid to do anything she is a loyal person and is always there. She loves to speak her mind and she would do anything for Kendra and I.


Caleb is so funny and he is so nice and would never hurt anyone unless they hurt him. He is like a brother to me and we talk everyday.


Kendra is the one who always knows what to do. She makes sure Breana and I are always on task and not goofing around too much. She is the one who makes our little group all work out. Even though she is the smartest she knows how to have fun

things i hate.

I hate:







Breana and I at volleyball practice.

Breana could not serve so I helped her out. I threw a ball at her and she served it up and actually served it! I was so proud.

Lunch time with Breana Kendra and I.

At lunch everyday, us girls always laugh and steal each others food. One day breana laughed so much she fell off her seat.

At home with my Dad.

My dad is so fun to be with! He always makes me laugh whenever we are at home.

Us girls.


I am the funniest one, i come up with ALL the jokes.


Wether it's eating lunch or being in a group project we try to do everything together! we try to never leave one another out.

Caleb and my birthday!

Caleb and I are born on the same day so we say we are twins separated at birth.

Im finished!

I hope you liked my flyer! and learned more about me and my friends!!