Welcome To The Titanic

Haden Schmidt

About Titanic

The Titanic is the newest, biggest, most luxurious boat in the 7 seas! This colossal beauty measures nearly 900 ft long! Not only is this giant made to be the biggest ship in the ocean, it is unsinkable! No more worries about sinking and drowning, even if the impenetrable hull is pierced, the water tight doors will keep the water from spreading. The boat's very design means that almost half of the compartments can be flooded and the rest of the boat will still float!

1st Class

First class rooms are ginormous with pillows that will make you say: "I bet 1,000 geese were plucked to make this," and intricate carvings in your newly polished, 100% marble sinks. 1st class passengers even get their own cafeteria that serves only the best food, with a menu almost as large as the ship itself is served for our 1st class passengers. Come aboard as a top notch passenger for only $2,500(would be $57,000 today) today!

2nd Class

For our 2nd class passengers we provide a moderate sized room with polished silver decor, and polished wooden walls. For our middle passengers, we provide a dining hall with delicious fresh food, and everything will appear amazing and new! Come aboard our magnificent ship for only $80!

3rd Class

This class has crammed rooms, a smaller dining hall, and smaller menus than 1st and 2nd class... But these tickets cost much less than the 1st and 2nd class tickets. All of this for only $40.


For 1st class passenger, you can pass the time by enjoying our smoking room, swimming in the swimming pool, workout in the gymnasium, and play your friends in a game of squash ball! And for our second class passengers we provide board games and ringtoss, shuffleboard and more!