Coding 4-5 B

MP4 Week 6

Part 1: Python Vs. Scratch: Program Flow

  1. Take a look at the flowchart for the program
  2. Run the program in Scratch
  3. Take a look at the flowchart for the program
  4. Run the program in Python
  5. Take a look at the flowchart for the program
Click Here: Flowchart for Python Ghost Game

Click the above link to check out my flowchart for creating the Python Ghost Game. This is a good example of a flowchart used to document your thinking when starting a program.

Click Here: Check out the Ghost Game in Scratch!

Run the Ghost Game in Scratch to see a similar example of what we'll be creating in Python!

Click Here: Running The Program in Python!

You might want to print out these instructions for typing in the code for the Ghost Game in Python. Type carefully! Any errors and the program will not run! But you can fix it!

Part 2: Getting Ready to write your own flowchart

  1. Print out the flowchart symbol chart (or write it in your computer programming notebook)
  2. Keep it next to you as you begin your selected programming adventure!
  3. You will be filling out a basic flowchart based on your THINKING! Not just the programming!
  4. See my example below!

*There are no right or wrong answers here! You need to get started thinking about the program flow of your THINKING when programming in order to help you apply the same thinking to the program flow of a PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. Program flow works the same in most of the programming languages we use today and is meant to reflect the thinking process.

*Document your THINKING, not just the PROGRAM you are working on! You will sending this to me, along with your Python program by Sunday 5/22/16.

*Reflecting on what you're doing before, during, and after leads to greater understanding! Creating a flowchart, begins that thought process!

Click Here: To Print Out the Flowchart Symbol Chart

Print out the flowchart symbol chart to use as a reference as you create your own flowchart!

Part 3: Start Your Adventure: Program Flow

  1. Begin the programming activity you selected
  2. Document the flow of your thinking as you work your way through a level or section
  3. Send me your THINKING flowchart

* You can just scan and submit a paper copy of your flowchart. There are many great programs to create flowcharts, like the add-on to Google drive (lucid charts), however, writing it by hand WHILE you're THINKING your way through a program is often the best way to get your thoughts down quickly so you can easily remain focused on both! I promise!

*You should use all the symbols in the flowchart! How many times? Depends!

Python Program & Program Flow: Due 5/22

Part 1: Python Vs. Scratch: 10 points (for all that typing in IDLE & troubleshooting the errors)

Part 2: Getting Ready: 5 Points (for taking a deep breath, printing out the flowchart symbols, and sitting down to start your adventure with paper and a pencil! Sometimes getting started is hardest part!)

Part 3: Your Adventure: 10 points (for action-orientated thinking (starting your adventure), reflective thinking (applying it to your flowchart), and documenting (writing it down in your flowchart)

*You should use all the symbols in the flowchart! How many times? Depends!

See you in Cyberspace!