Robert E. Lee

A major impact in the Civil War

Background Information

If you didn't know before, Robert E. Lee played a role as a general in the Confederate Army, and fought in the Civil War from 1861-1865. In fact, Abraham Lincoln had requested for Lee to join the Union, but Lee had to decline the offer, because he lived in Virginia, which was a Confederate State.

Disadvantages in the War (as a Confederate)

Robert E. Lee Managed to Handle the Unfortunate Army

Though it was a struggle to handle the lack of necessities, Robert E. Lee, and several other wonderful leaders, took the initiative, and ran the Army to a functioning state. It was remarkable how he could take on the situation with such ease. This was all due to his exemplary skills as a leader. As well as is incredible tactic skills. He was significant to the Confederates, and the war. The war most likely would've ended in a much worse condition if it wasn't for Robert E. Lee.

Finalizing Statement

the prominence of Robert E. Lee is undoubtedly significant and phenomenal. The actions and the extreme measures that he had taken was impressive, and inspirational towards the generations above him. If it wasn't for Robert E. Lee, our nation wouldn't have been has impacted on the Civil War, as it is now. Lee made sure that the Civil War, that the Confederates, were a subject that should be remembered, and shouldn't be forgotten. Lee made sure that he was the change.