Wanted Roger "The Terrible" Touhy

His Story

Roger Touchy was born in Chicago in 1898. He was a bootlegger, brewer, and gambler during the Prohibition era in Chicago. He was the son of a police officer, Touhy had served in the Navy during World War I and later set up a trucking business in the Chicago suburbs. But when business faltered during Prohibition, Touhy realized he could earn a better living through bootlegging. Along with his partner, Matt Kolb, Touhy began brewing his own beer and shipping it to speakeasies all over the state. His beer was widely considered the finest available at the time.
Al Capone heard about Touhy’s business, he wanted to get in on the action and profit, but Capone was not really familiar with the country, Touhy had an advantage. Touhy shouted orders to his fictional gang over the telephone when Capone’s men showed up. Capone’s men reported back that Touhy was not someone to mess with, but Capone was undeterred. He kidnapped Matt Kolb, forcing Touhy pay $50,000 for his return. When he ordered Kolb’s murder in 1931 the feud escalated. Capone helped to orchestrate a fake kidnapping, which he pinned on Touhy. In 1933, with assistance from Daniel “Tubbo” Gilbert, a Chicago police officer known as “the richest cop in the world.” Touhy was convicted for abducting con man Jake "The Barber" Factor and sent to prison.

Touhy escaped from prison in 1942

But his attorneys successfully persuaded an appeals court that the Factor kidnapping was a hoax, and Touhy was finally released in 1959. Three weeks later, as he was entering his sister’s home, Touhy was hit by several shotgun blasts.