Goldfields: Women and Children

BY matthew


During 1851-1860 there were 600,000 people that came to the goldfields, 160,000 were women, and only 5% were single, meaning 95% were married (not engaged).


Many foreigners had come to Bathurst for gold , however this meant many people didn't speak English. Another reason why children weren't educated because their parents didn't have time to educate themselves or their children. Possibly educated siblings and/or parents can teach their family members. Although Bathurst was the most popluar place during that era, other places like Ophir wouldn't have much schools or even had none!

Children had to be educated in tents with long wooden benchs that could house about 100 pupils. If the pupils had to move, the teacher had to go with them! As, the era ended, more schools were found in the area in and around Bathurst.

Women and Children's Health

They stay at home, doing chores endlessly like they were factory robots doing tasks quickly. They stayed at homes, if they had a disease, and they had children, their children can have been diseased easily through coughing and other vectors of disease. Children often died of diseases that they contracted themselves, can come from water that is polluted,thus giving them


Women's Roles and Reponsibilities during the Goldfields

Women and children rarely helped dig out gold, on the other hand women did chores, and some entertained, for the diggers. They made bread, jam, clothes etc. they did the shopping, although, fresh water were scarce because of the dried creek (because of the panning done to to it) also food was scarce because farming wasn't a valueable job as they mainly dug for gold rather then a job.

Ulitamely womens' life was simliar to today.