ancestors of Pueblo

They lived in the 500's-1200's. they in Chaco canyon where there was large population of over 1000 people. The people constructed ditches and canals to trap rain and channel it to the gardens on the canyon floor. They made houses out of adobe and stone. These houses were multi-storied, and apartment like. There craftsmen made woven baskets, pottery, and jewelry.


They lived around 700 BC in an Ohio valley region. Makes copper jewelry and fine pottery. They grew squash, sunflowers, barley, and gourds. Built burial mounds made of log structures covered by piles of earth.


Lived in Ohio around 300 BC. These people built mounds and some were 100 feet wide and 40 feet tall. Adena and Hopewell were both mound builders. Artifacts that were found suggest that there was an extensive trade network.