ALL students welcome, as long as you’re not afraid…TO LEARN!

Friday, Oct. 29th, 12:30-2:30pm

8871 Knox Bridge Highway

Canton, GA

PAPA JOHNS PIZZA will be served!

Door prizes and giveaways from our friends at KRONOS/UKG who graciously support our students!

The list of horrors, ahem, events...

Join Count Baker and Bride of Brown at i-Grad in a Spooktacular afternoon of science-conceptual magic demonstrations and eerie hands-on activities.

-Oozy Ooblick - Manipulate a solution as we review physical changes that transform ordinary materials into a spooktacular concoction.

-Dracula Paper - Witness the unbelievable as this mystical paper bleeds before your very own eyes.

-Instant Snow - Are you being transported to Hogwart's Castle, or is it just another scientific illusion?

-Vanishing Potions - See your science teachers make "neutralized" solutions disappear - no smoke and mirrors here.

-Beware of the Dihydrogen Monoxide Shape Shifter Demonstration!

Join Bewitching Box, Craigheadless, and RIP Robinson for an afternoon of monstrous mathematics

- Spooky Scary Skeleton Tiles- Use Algebra Tile Models to reinforce your skills with the Disturbing Distributive Property, Paranormal Polynomial Products and Frightening Factoring.

- Haunted House of Triangles -Will the hideous zombie triangles infect you?

- BOO Break-Out Box – Use your math knowledge to escape from the Polygon of Poltergeists from within!

Join Mystical Mrs. Mitchell to create autumnal art no matter your skill level!

- Create delicate fall art pieces by learning about leaf-rubbing.

- Untangle your haunted thoughts with a soothing pumpkin zen-tangle.

- Resist the darkness within by painting an oil-and-salt resist spiderweb watercolor.

- Be the pick of the patch as you paint a perfect pumpkin with acrylics on canvas.

Join Hamilton’s Haunted House of Spooky Tales

-Listen to an episode of the “Spooked” podcast and try your hand at writing your own spooky story. This can take the form of a short story, a found poem, a blackout poem, or a script for your own podcast episode!

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