The Stamp Act of 1756

By:Emmanuel And Sadie

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What is going to be Taxed?

The stamp act is a an act passed by us, The British, in 1765 to put tax on every printed piece of paper, legal documents, licences, newspapers and publications and even playing cards is going to be taxed by us!


The Costs of The stamp act is going to be very petite. it is only offensive to the colonists but the standard it is seeming to set.Now it is to raise money not to to over see trading if the future act was to pass it could be more trouble in the future.

Fighting Back

While others could grumble and agree to the charges others might to fight back like the Virginia house of Burgess if they adopt the stamp act. If the act is declared then people in the colonies will possess the same rights as the English and have the right to have taxes by the reps.
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