Pregnancy Trimesters

First Trimester of Pregnancy

During the first trimester, the mom's body can suffer from morning sickness, nausea, heightened sense of smell, swollen breasts, cravings, and fatigue, The mother also might urinate more than usual. During this pregnancy it is good to choose foods that are low in fat and easy to digest. Also drink plenty of fluids. For the development of the baby, the sperm and egg unite in one of your Fallopian tubes. The placenta will begin to form. The baby's lungs, intestines, and bladder will form. Also the baby's heart and a primitive will for in the middle layer of cells. The facial features will begin to form and the baby's body is a C-shaped curvature.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy

The mother's belly will start to grow, you will begin to have Braxton Hicks contractions, stretch marks will appear, dizziness and leg cramps, and sometimes a drop in blood pressure. To prevent the leg cramps, stretch your calf muscles before. For the development of the baby, the urine forms, baby's gender becomes apparent, baby's skeleton develops bones and starts sucking motions. Then the baby will begin to hear, the hair will become visible, and it's first movements start.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy

A lot of weight gain will happen in this period for the mother. The mother might gain 25 to 30 pounds total. She will begin to have backaches, shortness of breath, swelling, frequent urination, and vaginal discharge. For the baby's development, the baby's eyes will begin to open, the bones will be fully developed, the nervous system will continue to develop, and the placenta will provide antibodies. The mother will also have rapid weight gains.

How the Father Can Help

The father can help plan for the baby, he can take classes that can teach you about childbirth, exercise with the partner, help out with the chores, make sure the partner is relaxed, and be there for when she gives birth.