Walt Disney

By: Paul Cherry

Information on Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born in a Chicago suburb called Hermosa. Walt began to draw his pictures as a young boy and even tried to sell them to people in his neighborhood. Later in his life in high school he was the cartoonist for his school paper. Shortly after he dropped out of school and joined the Red Cross at the age of 16 and drove around in an ambulance in France. He returned from France in 1919 and moved to Kansas City Missouri and got a job working at a film and ad company using a form of animation called Cut Out animation.

Then he turned to cartoons he called Laugh-O-Grams. Soon after his Laugh-O-Grams became popular and he and his brother used their money to move to Hollywood. They got a studio and called it Disney Brothers Studios and also got their first deal with a distributor in New York and made shorts at $1,500 per short. They then worked on 7 minute shorts. Sadly Disney became bankrupt in 1923. After this he and his brother and their wives made 3 new cartoons featuring a new character called Mickey Mouse. When adding sound came along Walt Disney was the voice of Mickey in the short Steamboat Willie.

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Movie Questions

1. Where was he born?

2. What year did he open the studio?