Immigrants Deserve an Education

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Families who live in a country where there are not many opportunities go through many things at such a young age. These people do not finish school because they have to work very hard to get by each day and to provide for their families. The man of the house leaves for work early in the morning and doesn't come back until later at night and all the responsibility will go to the oldest son while the mother cooks and clean, and the younger children will get sent to the mountains to get water and climb trees to get vegetables and fresh fruit. Even though some people might say that these people live a very miserable life, they don’t. These people enjoy waking up each morning and working hard every day. The little money that they have left they don’t use it to go to the mall and buy new clothes they will help their neighbors because they all look after each other. These families immigrate to certain highly developed countries where they offer better education and much more job opportunities. It is not an easy journey to get into these countries. Immigrants have to avoid getting caught by authorities while staying in the country while trying to get an education also.
Many immigrants travel to highly developed countries because there are better opportunities for themselves and their children. Immigrants travel at all times through the day and night; they will get in a truck or van where they have to hide and hope they will not get caught by the police. Immigrants will emigrate in large groups with just a book bag because they don’t have time to carry luggage. Many people will think that most of the people that emigrate are men but mostly its women and children. They know that in the United States children are able to get an education and it will not be so hard for women to get a job like it will be for a man. These countries offer better education and job opportunities. The opportunities offered by these countries are so much better that people illegally emigrate to them every day. Illegal immigrants are mostly families. The families come over because the parents want their children to have better lives in the country that they move to. They want their children to be educated and to have decent jobs. That is why America is a country that has large amounts of illegal immigration. The country bases job opportunities on education level. Immigrants know that if they can move here and get their children education then they will able to grow up and support themselves safely in the United States. That is why they take the risk of illegal immigrating.
Being an immigrant and coming to a country like the United States it is very hard because it is not the same as being back in the country you were born and raised. You have to learn a new language, experience different weather, and live in fear of not getting caught by authorities. Since both immigrants parents have to work and send their children to schools to get an education they feel like is very different because back home it is only the father working and the mother being at home with all of the children. Immigrants are very old school as far as women going to get a job they do not really do that because women are known for staying home; washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. It isn't so easy for immigrant parents to get a well-paying job because they most likely do not have a high school diploma or probably don’t know any English which is even harder for not only the parents but for their children too because these children see that they had to work instead of going to get an education. They will try to do the same. Being in a country where they do not know many people could also be hard for them because some people will try and take advantage of immigrants just because they just got here and they don’t know much and most of the time it will also be other immigrants. They usually do this because they get to a point where they don’t have anything and they will take anything they can from anyone. Most immigrants that live in the United States get caught by authorities. According to an article, “Once an undocumented immigrant is taken into custody, the deportation officer will make an initial determination as to whether to place the person in removal and, if so, how to charge the person (Galvan, P.5).” Most of these immigrants get taken away from their family because they probably were driving or got caught in a workplace which makes the family suffer because now that the person got caught by authorities he’s never allowed to come back in the country.
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Immigrant parents come here with a goal to provide for their family and for their kids to get an education. Immigrants do not have it easy because not knowing the English language could be difficult but with the help of teachers they should be able to learn. According to an article 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate from high school every year and risk their lives going to college or serving in the military(P.1). Knowing someone with a similar experience it shows that it is very difficult being an immigrant in the United States. My friend name is Julen, he cross the border from Mexico to the U.S. with his mother and older sister, he did not care much about school because his mother and sister would work day and night and that's what he wanted to do because he felt as if he were not helping as much by just attending school. Then Career Day we met this woman who emigrated from Mexico with her family and she talked about how being in school she was able to help her family more than anything. My friend Julen was able to relate to her story so he decided to take advantage of being in school and making something out of it. When we graduated from middle school he went to a Charter High School where he kept continuing his education, even though he's now a resident of the United States he learned that education could help many immigrants just like it helped him. My friend now attends Rutgers University in the New Brunswick campus and he's majoring in Law and Justice. Education is something that we all need to succeed. Immigrants should have the right to get an education because they work harder and it is not easy to move to another country but they do it for their family because they want to protect them and they do not want them to struggle. Many people say that they come here to cause trouble and take other people’s jobs but they are mainly here for any kind of work to help their own family because they do not have any other choice. It is hard for immigrants because they don’t have an opportunity to get an education and education is the key that will drive you through get jobs that can support you. Many Americans don’t take the chance to get great education that will make you successful but immigrants do because back home they did not have it like they did here or as much technology like they have in the United States that is why and many other reasons immigrants want to educate themselves. Education provides a better future to all young people but not many take the chance to finish it. Immigrants who have children attending schools back home do not have much of what there is in a classroom in the U.S. These classrooms don't have smart-boards, enough books, and they are not safe there. These kids are not able to learn as much as they could if they were in America or any high-developed country because there are not many school supplies and without these tools in a classroom it can get very hard for an educator to teach his/her students. Schools in America have more technology, supplies, safety, and teachers who are able to educate their students. In America, there are tools which can be used to educate many young people who are willing to learn and succeed.Immigrants want an education to support their families. This has become a big issue because it is something that it still happening today. Many of these people immigrate because they want a better future since they can’t do it at the country that they come from. This is mainly because there aren’t many open opportunities like there are in highly developed countries.