Dusty News

By: Ashley Benitez and Monica Melgar


Ranch worker found dead in Salinas, California by the name of Lennie Small. He was found by a pond with a bullet through the back of his head. No family members were found but a close friend. He was mentally challenged and had difficulties controlling strength which often caused a lot of problems for the things around him. He died when he murdered the next victim; name not known but was a loving wife and daughter in law to the Owner of the ranch and son of the owner where the body was found.

Better Working Conditions !!

The people are demanding and they want things done.

The public is demanding better working conditions. With the little pay they get they strongly believe they should at least be getting a safety guarantee and a better environment to work in. Workers have to work in harsh conditions and often get sick due to the bad weather they have to work in everyday but one. This issue has become more severe after two people were found dead by a ranch. The workers want security and a safe place to be.

It is said that if an injury occurs the owner of the work place should take responsibility and pay any medical bills that is given to the injured. The injured workers should be able to take things easy; they should still work but have it easier in the time they need to fully recover.