Do you need a change of scenery?


Why smart people do dumb things.

Brian Shey of SterlingWyatt, P.A. will reveal the hidden costs associated with using the standard tools of financial planning provided to you by your advisor and the U.S. government.

Take this opportunity to understand what causes most Americans to leave our own financial future, and the futures of the people who depend on us, unprotected.

Learn how denial and cognitive dissonance, in conjunction with a well-intended but misguided life insurance industry, have worked together over the past 34 years to create this problem.

Life Insurance Symposium

Tuesday, April 21st, 9am

3300 Southwest Williston Road

Gainesville, FL

Conference Room B106

Session 1 9:00AM Last name ending A-I

Session 2 10:00AM Last name ending J-P

Session 3 11:00AM Last name ending Q-Z

Although not mandatory, please come to the session that best fits your schedule.

Sessions will be 30 minutes in length.

Sponsored by Nationwide and Darr Schackow Agency