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Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

Superhero Writers

Over the past two weeks in writing workshop, we have been hard at work writing our opinions about our collections! We learned to write our opinion and support our opinion with reasons and details. Also, we learned that strong writers can quote an expert to make their story more convincing! I enjoyed seeing and reading their opinions!

This week, we prepared and organized to showcase our "Best in Show" stories with a mini-celebration. Even, superheroes came to SAVE our writing! They fixed up and edited their stories to get them ready to be shared with the world!

To end the week, we had a fishbowl share to enjoy all of our hard work! The writers were able to share their story with many of their friends and talk about their collections! We are proud of our hard work!

Next week, we will transform into "Review" writers!

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Double Trouble

The students of 1S are hard at work becoming fluent with their math facts! This week, we learned all about doubles facts. We learned that strong mathematicians use well known double facts to help solve other facts. We call these facts - doubles plus one! In addition to working with math facts, we were introduced to a new type of problem called "What's My Rule." These multistep problems build problem solving skills.

At the end of the week, the mathematicians in 1S helped me solve a problem I had. I needed to make fruit salad for a party and I wanted to double my recipe. The students worked with unifix cubes to help me create my shopping list for the grocery store!


Next week, we will celebrate Dr. Seuss! Next week is Read Across America week! Here at Tatem, it is Read Across First Grade. The first grade teachers will be teaming up to celebrate Dr. Seuss in style! On Tuesday, March 1st, your child will travel to all of the first grade teachers to hear their favorite Dr. Seuss stories. Help us celebrate by sending your child to school on Tuesday dressed in Dr. Seuss gear. (ex. Cat in the hat tall hat, thing 1 or thing 2 shirt, bowtie, etc.) Thanks!


Has your child come home and asked to head into the World of Night? The students of 1S became night zookeepers this week and they are rounding up a world of wacky animals!

The Night Zookeeper is a creative writing platform that allows children to use their imaginations to create animals and write stories about them. There are missions and challenges! We can even connect with other classes to see how we compare in words written to help celebrate World Creative Writing Month (March)!

Your child can log in to the Night Zookeeper at home.


Login: Your child's first name and last initial (ex. KristinS)

password: read

(Since it is case sensitive - I will be sending home your child's account information this week)

Have fun!

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Reminders and Dates

*Monday is Day 4. We have PE. Please wear sneakers

* Please send your child's snack in a bag separate from his or her lunch. Our lunch boxes head down to the cafeteria in the morning and are not kept in our classroom during the day. This makes unpacking much easier! Thanks for your help!

* Guided Reading - thank you for your support in reading at home. Please read the books that come home with your child at night and return them to school the next day. Many times, we use the books the next day for a follow up activity.

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Specials Schedule

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Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - Library & Spanish

Day 4 - Spanish and PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 5 - PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 6 - Health

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