Student Assembly Meeting Sept. 24th

4:45-6:30pm in the Willard Straight Hall Memorial Room

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We're all ears!

Have a concern, question, event, or initiative you'd like to share with your representatives on the Student Assembly? Broadcast it at our Open Mic session at the start of the meeting or tell one of your representatives.

Meeting Agenda

PDF of the Agenda

I. Call to Order & Roll Call

II. Approval of Meeting Minutes

III. Open Microphone

IV. Announcements and Reports

  1. Director of Elections Henderson - Elections Update
  2. UA Representative Indimine - Slope Day & Health and Wellness updates
  3. VP of Finance Stefanko - Appropriations Committee update

V. Business of the Day

  1. Resolution 8: Affirming Learning Style Diversity in Introductory Science Course
  2. Haven Byline Report
  3. ALANA Byline Report
  4. MGLC Byline Report

VI. New Business

  1. Resolution 11: Charter Change Establishing a Student Health Fee Advisory Committee Liaison and Student Insurance Advisory Committee Liaison

Congratulations to 5 newly elected SA representatives!

Transfer- Jordan Chessin

Freshmen- Dustin Liu, Varun Devatha, Miranda Kasher, & Paul Russel

Looking for Off-Campus Housing Next Year?

Attend our Off-Campus Living Workshop on finding an Apartment: September 25th at 5pm in GSH 142 | FB Event
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Event Spotlight

  • Off-Campus Living Workshop- Finding an Apartment: September 25th at 5pm in GSH 142 | FB Event
  • Apple Harvest Festival: October 2-4th FB Event
  • MGLC Yard Show: October 4th at 2pm | FB Event
  • Post Secret: Frank Warren: October 16th at 8pm, get your FREE ticket now in Willard Straight Hall Student Union | FB Event
  • Seeking focus group participants for video project: fill out this form to participate in a mental health, alcohol and other drug use, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, hazing and bias video to improve campus climate
  • Provide input for Slopeday: Fill out a Pre-Slope Day Survey