Tiogue Faculty & Staff Bulletin

At-A-Glance May 11, 2019 #34

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Night of the Arts - May 8th - Thank you: Sarah, Maria, Alex, Norm, Meghan, and everyone else that helped make the event possible

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Important Information and Key Dates


Please note, we have many off team IEP/Other mtgs. on days other than Thursday. Therefore, please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

May 2019

May 12 - Happy Mother's Day



May 15 - RtI/MTSS Mtg. 7:45am; Faculty Mtg. 3:20pm - High School Presentation- Vision of the Graduate

May 16 - TEAM DAY please check individual Google Calendars for specific information; & Progress Reports go home today - Here is a link to the grading calendar again. It can also be found in our Shared Folder.

May 20 - School-wide, IN MY HEART Week - see flyer from Cheri for more details; PTA Mtg. 6:30pm

May 22 - RtI/MTSS Mtg. 8am; ASFMS Parent Step Up Night for Grade 5 from 6pm-7pm

May 23 - Kindergarten Field Trip; TEAM DAY please check individual Google Calendars for specific information;

May 27 - No School, Memorial Day

May 29 - RtI/MTSS Mtg. 7:30am and 8am;Gr. 5 Field Trip to Sturbridge; Paw Sox Game

May 30 - Ocean St. Aquatics in school field trip, Gr. 3; TEAM DAY please check individual Google Calendars for specific information;

May 31 - Family Dance at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

June 2019

June 3 - Kindergarten Orientation Night for new families, 5:30pm

June 4 - High School Seniors visit elementary schools today - fond farewell

June 5 - Gr. 2 Field Trip to Mystic

June 6 - Final PBIS Mtg. 7:50am, room 2; TEAM DAY please check individual Google Calendars for specific information;

June 7 - Tiogue's Fun Day, sponsored by the PTA

June 9 - PTA Rainbow Fun Run

June 10 - Gr. Trip to Wawaloam

June 12 - Moving on ceremony for Gr. 5

June 13 - TEAM DAY please check individual Google Calendars for specific information;

June 14 - Last Day of School, Dismissal 11:30am-11:40am- report cards go home

Our Mission and Motto:

At Tiogue School, we believe that students can achieve their personal best and become responsible and productive citizens by embracing all learning opportunities each day.

"Everybody is somebody at Tiogue"


We would like faculty/staff representation at each PTA meeting. Talk with your team and colleagues about scheduling a time to come to a meeting this year.

Upcoming PTA Meeting Schedule:

5/20/19 at 6:30pm (Executive Board 6:15pm)

June TBD at 3:30pm (Executive Board 3:15pm)

SCHOOL STORE Information revised: 4/24, 5/8, 5/22 (last store date for this year)

Wellness Week in Coventry: May 13-17 and In My Heart Week: May 20-24

Wellness Week

Sodexo Food Service, Eat the Rainbow during Wellness Week

Monday--Fresh Blueberries

Tuesday -Snow Peas

Wednesday - Honeydew Melon Chunks

Thursday -- Multi Color Baby Carrots

Friday- Cantaloupe Chunks

May 13-17:

Monday- "Mindfulness Monday" Wear calming colors to school. Help students to take the pledge to limit their non-school screen time during this upcoming week! Encourage more play outside and more movement.

Tuesday- Yoga Tuesday - stretch it out - wear something comfortable today!

Wednesday- Are you hydrated? Drink lots of water and keep track of how much you are drinking throughout the day - Wear something blue today.

Thursday- "Just Dance Thursday" - take a few movement breaks today. Wear Red, White, and Blue in honor of our Veterans.

Friday- Begin to track your sleep over the next week. A 7 day chart will be sent home beginning today. Students can hand in the chart next Friday May 24th to receive a prize.

In My Heart Activities:

Thanks to our PBIS Team, especially Cheri, for organizing.

(See Word Doc Flyer Attached to this newsletter)

May 20-24: In My Heart Week At Tiogue - a continuation of Wellness Week

Tiogue Elementary’s Celebration of Feelings!

IN MY HEART: A Book of Feelings

By, Jo Witek

Dear Tiogue Families,

We are excited to inform you that this coming week, May 20 st , will be filled with ways for students to understand and explore their feelings. Self-Awareness is vital both for a child’s academic success as well as for their social and emotional growth. This coming week, students will be part of many exciting experiences. Some of these are outlined below!

Monday, May 20:

SPIRIT DAY: “SILLY HAIR DAY” SILLY brings smiles all around

All classrooms will read “IN MY HEART: A Book of Feelings”

School-wide Garden of Hearts project to begin!

Tuesday, May 21:


Coventry SRO Officer to read to all grade levels– see schedule attached

Write a Thank You to a Veteran to be presented to “Operation Stand Down” in time for Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 22:

SPIRIT DAY: “TIED TOGETHER BY KINDNESS” Wear your grade level color for Tiogue’s Heart picture outside (rain date to be determined if needed) Grade level with the most color points win a special prize.

Thursday, May 23:


Lunch Mingle- Be BRAVE and to talk to someone new

Friday, May 24:

SPIRIT DAY: “TIOGUE TEAM DAY” Celebrate our community and bring HOPE to those in need

Bring in a non-perishable item for the Hand Up Community Food Bank

Wear your Tiogue gear or Green and White

“Garden of Hearts” winners chosen

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about this week’s events.

Heartfelt Regards,

Tiogue PBIS Team

Monday 5/20- All grade levels will receive one IN MY HEART: A Book of Feelings picture book to read to their class and share with teachers in your grade level, as well as paper hearts for students to create their feeling petal.

Teachers/students will create their garden of hearts display outside their classroom to share with the entire school creating Tiogue’s garden of feelings display. Be creative!!

The top 3 garden of hearts (1 each from PK-1, 2 & 3 and 4 & 5) will receive an extra P.E. class! Special guest to choose winners on Friday!

Tuesday’s schedule

SRO Officer to read Our Police to grade levels in designated rooms

Kinder 10:20 Room 12

Grade 1 9:00 Room 15

Grade 2 9:20 Room 18

Grade 3 10:00 Room 5

Grade 4 10:50 Room 8

Grade 5 9:40 Room 22

Veteran’s thank you cards/ friendly letter can be dropped off in box outside Dr. Raptakis’s room, she will present to “Operation Stand Down” in time for Memorial Day. Blank cards will be distributed in teacher mailboxes.

Wednesday- really hype up your grade level color so it can be identified in the picture!!

Grade levels can earn points with each item of your grade level color. Grade level with the most points earn a special surprize at the end of the day on Friday.

Mr. Giusti will call grade levels out to field for school wide heart shaped picture taken by Fire Dept. (at approximately 10:00) on ladder truck (rain date to be determined). Specialists and Assistants wear a color that ties in with your grade.

Grade level colors:

Kindergarten- orange

Grade 1- white

Grade 2- green

Grade 3- blue

Grade 4- purple

Grade 5- red

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May 29th PAW SOX GAME - Maria DiNitto is the Point of Contact and helping to organize

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STAR Testing

Many of you have started to get your students onto STAR over this past week.

Please remember to finish testing within the next 2.5 weeks. We will include the spring scores on our placement forms.


1. Current scores for any student who meets district Spring criteria on the ELA Testing Schedule. Please include students' Independent level, and score fractions for ORF and COMP.

2. If a teacher has not already sent Winter DRA levels and scores for any student who was required to have a mid-year DRA to Reading, please do so as soon as possible.

Also, a reminder all Spring DRAs should be sent to the Reading Room (20) once they are completed.

Thank you very much!

A Message From Esther

All library books are due on Friday May 24th. Notices will go home, after the 24th, letting students know if they have any outstanding books.


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Message from Mrs. Arsenault - Fun Run

Our PTA is looking for volunteers for our rainbow run/walk fundraiser. June 9th is the day of the event. We would be looking for volunteers from about 11:30am-2:30pm.

Please email Stacey Arsenault directly if you are interested:


Volunteers will "throw" the color (corn starch) at the students as they run past.

Upcoming Placement Mtgs. by Grade Level

We should have all DRA and STAR Data for these mtgs.:

Grade 1 - May 29th at 1:30pm, Room 15

Grade K - May 29th at 2:10pm, Room 23

Grade 4 - May 29th at 9:45am, Room 9

Grade 3 - May 31st at 10:30am, Room 5

Grade 2 - May 31st at 11:15am, Room 18

Articles and other news

Behavioral Specialist and Math Intervention Schedule:

*Kim Sturdahl will be at Tiogue Monday through Friday*

*Reminder: Do not send students to the office to deliver behavior referrals

Referrals: Please complete all sections of the behavior referral forms for Kim. Be as specific as possible.

Please turn in all referrals to Kim within 24 hours of the infraction or incident.

Infractions involving the location of bathroom trended downward this past week; however, incidents outside on the playground and during other unstructured times increased slightly.

MATHEMATICS: Mary V. will be at Tiogue the week of 5/13/19

**Article of the week**

May 11, 2019: Can Artificial Intelligence predict Student Engagement? by, EdWeek.

May 4, 2019: From the Practical Ed Tip of the Week:

I love a good YouTube clip and I bet that you do too. YouTube has become the place most of us turn to first when we need an educational video clip. Even if you use the search refinement tools in YouTube, it can be a challenge to find a clip that is appropriate for your students. Then there are still the issues of "related" videos that aren't really related to your search and comments that don't add any value to the video. Here are five good alternatives to searching on YouTube for educational video clips.


BoClips is an educational video site that I started using a few months ago. BoClips hosts more than two million videos from producers that you're probably familiar with through their YouTube channels. Videos that you find on BoClips are actually hosted on BoClips with the permission of the video producers. Here's a quick overview of how to find and share BoClips videos.

April 27, 2019: From Achieve the Core: Common Mistakes With Student Writing Prompts

April 13, 2019: Education Spending - Is it enough? - From EdWeek

April 6, 2019: The Best Way to Stay Calm amid Challenging Behavior...- Psychology Today

*Previous articles can still be found in the other bulletins.

Our Nurse's Corner of Information

Diane Kowal and Shirley-Ann Hall will be in again this week.

SEL/Conscious Discipline/Restorative Practice's Corner

SEL/Conscious Discipline/PBIS and other important info.


Week 34: Video from South by Southwest - Brene Brown, Daring Classrooms - she is amazing!

Notes from our PBIS mtg. will be held on May 2nd:

-In My Heart events are finalized

-Planning for next year's passport event and new incentive plans including perfect attendance by month again. PBIS Passport event will take place in the fall, when we return from summer break.

-Team has a plan to celebrate student perfect attendance - Brag Tags (we are going to call them Tiogue Tags" will be passed out each month. All students will have a chain to place their tags on.