Visual Literacy Game

Roll, Draw, and Guess

Visual Literacy Game Roll, Draw, and Guess

A Creativity and Parts of Speech Drawing Game

What a (fugle)FUN way to learn!

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Print, Assemble, & Roll the Cubes

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Draw what the words describe

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Can you communicate clearly with art?

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Try a Team Guessing Game or Go it Alone

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Download the Visual Literacy Game

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Contents :

  • How to play as a whole class role, draw, and guessing game
  • 18 print & assemble color coded cubes labeled with verbs, nouns & adjectives using words that could be easily drawn
  • 3 blank cubes, one of each color (if you want students to generate their own nouns, verbs, and adjectives)
  • Practice Drawing Sheet (can be used to prepare for the game or for use as an individual creativity challenge)


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Tricia Fuglestad

Tricia Fuglestad, NBCT, K-5 art teacher in Illinois, has a MATL in K-12 tech integration. She has successfully blended digital and physical art making with her transdigital lessons to expand the curriculum, give students an opportunity to explore new media, and find transformative ways for students to demonstrate learning dynamically. Tricia’s classroom is featured in educational publications and higher education textbooks. Her students’ Fugleflicks, student-created, art-related videos have screened at international film festivals and won national awards. She has been recognized with many state and national awards for her innovation and dedication to art education.

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