Bluejay Friday Focus


News/Information for the Week

Below are a list of reminders, fyi's, and reflections from the previous week. Have a great weekend!

School Pictures: August 25th ALL STAFF will need to take a picture between 7:30-8:00 Pictures will be conducted in the following order: seniors; juniors; sophomores; freshman. We will call them down on the intercom system half a grade level at a time starting at 8:20. We may try to get some of our seniors taken care of before school to help expedite the start of the process. The goal will be to be done by the end of second hour.

Bus Evacuation Drill: See Below. In addition to pictures on Tuesday morning we will have a bus evacuation drill Tuesday afternoon. We didn't want to disrupt the morning another day next week given we have pictures Tuesday morning of next week. We figured that with the morning classes already disrupted having the bus drill that same afternoon would allow you to keep classes more consistent in terms of what you were able to cover in class during the time you were with students. Hopefully this logic makes sense or at least as much as it can in an imperfect situation.

Yoga Pants/Hats: We are allowing yoga pants but we have an error in the handbook where is states no excessively tight clothing. We will need to correct this for next year. Hats are to be taken off when students enter the building and put back on when they leave the building.

Evening Tutoring: We will begin evening tutoring this Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:30-8:30 in the library. If you have students behind or that need support this is a great suggestion to provide to them and/or their parents.

Intervention Spreadsheet: Below is the URL to the intervention spreadsheet we will use to log information regarding students with late and/or missing work. It is the same URL as last year so if you already have this bookmarked their is no need to make a change. If you don't have it bookmarked I would recommend you do so. Please begin entering information for students you have with late or missing work - we said we would do so weekly at least by period 5 each Monday. Focus on students that are struggling in class and not necessarily those that that are doing well with an occasional missing assignment. If a student has a 98% and has one missing assignment (without a pattern of missing work) you have the discretion to not log that information. On the other hand, if you have a student who consistently has late work is is performing in the low-C through F range and has significant missing work this is one you should log. Period 5 Teachers: Please begin checking the spreadsheet and having conversations with students as necessary beginning next week. Those of us in the office will begin getting involved in the coming weeks as those that struggle are on the ineligibility list for multiple weeks.

September Newsletter: We will be putting together the September newsletter over the next week. If you have any items you would like included please send those to me by the end of next week.

PLC Calendar: PLC calendars were sent out earlier. More info to come at each groups before the first PLC in two-weeks. Teacher Evaluation Goals will again be tied into the PLC's

AWESOME FIRST FULL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!


Monday 8/24

7:00 FCCLA/FBLA Recruitment Party at Plum Creek Park

Tuesday 8/25

Pictures for Staff and Students 7:30

Bus Evacuation Drills (1:50)

9th and 10th Class Meetings during Access

Softball at York 5/6:30

Thursday 8/26

5:30-7:30 Volleyball Gatorade Scrimmage

5/6:30 Softball at Home

Friday 8/27

Interview Day in the Gym 8:15

Girls Golf at Home 9:00

Cross Country Scrimmage 4:45

Football at Waverly 7:00

Bus Evacuation Plan – Tuesday, August 25th

The schedule below is intended to accomplish two primary objectives. The first is to create an expected schedule for each period 4 class in an attempt to minimize the impact the drill has on instruction. The second is to ensure we have adequate bus capacity for the number of students we excuse during each time period. Please note that while times have been listed below a building administrator or school counselor will dismiss your classroom. This will make the process of getting on the bus as smooth as possible.

Approximate Time

Teachers/# of Students


Total Students: 112

Brauer - 22

K Wright - 23

Kolterman - 25

Pallas - 26

vonKampem - 16


Total Students: 107

Frederick - 19

Holliday 18


Krueger – 9

R Wright – 8

Wignall – 6

Johnson - 27

Thomsen – 10

Office/Counselors - 10

2:20 – 2:35

Total Students – 106

Eisenmenger - 14

Hinkel - 17

Kromminga - 22

Christensen – 12

J Pinkall – 18

S Pinkall – 21

Resource – 2


2:35 – 2:50

Total Students – 109

Cidlik - 23

Eber - 22

Oerman - 16

Tvrdy -22

Library/Tech - 4

Placke - 22