Edouard Boubat

Remi Listening to the Sea

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Background History

Edouard Boubat believed in capturing pictures that showed intimacy and serenity. He set up this picture to show the innocence of children. He also wanted the light to play with the shell and setting that up very carefully made that happen. He sets up these pictures in a studio and allows the model to add their personality to them. The story behind this picture is capturing the innocence, and curiousness of a child by showing this child 'listening to the sea' like he has just been told a magnificent secret.

My Opinion

I like this portrait because it captures the innocence of children. I think it is unique because even though many kids try this there is such a calming and peaceful expression on his face making you feel as if he can actually hear and see the ocean or even as if he is being told a secret. I would probably show a little bit more of the child for a little breathing room. I believe that this kid has a humbling personality in this picture.