Support a Child

A trip to six flags is waiting for you

Support a child and give them a reason to live

We will be raising money for the orphans and supporting them. In the future maybe the orphans would want to support and volunteer for community services too.

Support a child

Thursday, March 20th, 3pm

Yuba City Orphanage

First we will raise money for the orphans, and then go to the orphanage and provide them with clothes and foods and drinks..

Remember this!!!

-On March 20th at 10:00am we will get together at the city hall.

-At 10:30am we will reach the orphanage.

-At 12:00pm we will have lunch and at 2:30pm we will have a little snack before leaving.

-At 3:00pm we leave he orphanage.

Volunteer for Community Service

We are going to be providing foods and drinks to our volunteers, so you don't need to worry about that. And don't forget that a six flags trip is waiting for you!!!