Ryan Camposano

Mind and Brain Exercise

Duolingo is an app that helps your mind. Duolingo teaches you a new language of your choosing to learn. It teaches through many steps.
Duolingo Intro

How User Friendly is it

Duolingo is is a User Friendly app because there is no talking to other people its just you and the app

Would I recommend this app

Yes, I would recommend this app because i think its a great way to learn a language. Its have many different levels that teach different thing at different times.

My favorite feature/ Least favorite feature

My favorite feature is the way it teaches you./ My least favorite feature is that they don't have a lot of languages right now but they have the most popular.

Does the app have limitations due to being a "light" or free version

Duolingo has a full version that is free.

Proposed use for the app

I use the app to learn Italian and to help me with spanish sometimes.

Does the app allow the student to exit at any time without losing progress

Yes, you can leave at any time and when you come back it will all be there for you to start from where you were before.

Does the app require students to share any personal or identifying data

No, Duolingo does not require any information you just make any account using gmail and making a password and your in.

Who would us this app

Someone that might want help with a language or a kid who wants to learn a language

How does it benefit students in the school

It benefits them if they need help with a language there learning.